Chapter Ten: Informative Facade

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Why is life so hard!?

"Ugh, this is ridiculous," I said to myself, walking the now empty halls of Elliptica.
I was currently thinking about the stupid Zodiac thing my father wrote, why is Leo always messing with my stuff?
It gave me almost a thousand flashbacks of my childhood, which is illogical. A thousand nostalgic memories.

I entered the library, not really caring what Caelum needed. I just assumed it would be more library work, because it would be normal for us to do that.

"Uh, Capricorn?" I heard him call from behind the the shelves, he must've heard me come in. I walked over to where I heard his voice and saw him at the section for Pure Sciences, the Astronomy section.

He looked up at me, acknowledging my presence, then looking at the shelf again. I watched as he pulled out a book from one, brushing off the few dust on it.

"Sorry for... Eavesdropping earlier," He apologized, setting the book on one of the nearby tables.
"It's fine, we weren't really in a private place," I said, waving the subject off. Caelum and I have had this conversation before, he knew about the twelve Zodiacs. Father had wanted me to gather them all, but it seems as though Aries and Leo have done the job for me.

"So, Capricorn... What do you know about your father?" Caelum suddenly asked, flipping through the book mindlessly.
"He's a jerk, I know for sure," I said without thinking, anger and sorrow seeping in. I was always mad at my father for not taking the role as a father in my family, and yet I still shed tears thinking about his death.

"You can't be mad at him forever. He was still human, and he was confused. He wanted to protect you," Caelum didn't look up from the book as he spoke, "My dad and your father were really close when they were our age. Up until now, I could hear dad voicing out his thoughts to himself whenever he thought he was alone. But that's not the point. My father told me about your fate, Vice."

I didn't speak, I didn't wanna talk about anything from the past. It's the past after all, but Caelum went on. It was surprising that he only speaks a maximum of two words in the morning, and a bundle of them at night.

"He told me about what you can do. Destruction. It's not a curse, it's a gift to be used wisely. This difficult life your father wrote, it doesn't mean everyday life but ten times harder. No, it's life on the run. Different kinds of people will be after you, those who are named after constellations... They seek you most. Some want your power, some want your affection, some want your life," Caelum stopped flipping the book on a page.  I took a peek and saw that it was about constellations, some I recognised were names of our schoolmates.

"But, Caelum," My voice faltered for a moment, "You're named after a constellation."
"I'm still trying to figure that out," He sounded hesitant, "I don't know if there's an exception that not every person named after a constellation is after you, or if I'm the only one. But an exception that I do know is that, not everyone who is after you is named after a constellation. Take Selina for an example."
"Selina?" I repeated, "The girl from Class B?" I didn't find her threatening, all she did was cling to Taurus all the time, which wasn't really part of my business.
"That's a warning for you and your friends," Caelum answered, he then closed the book, picked it up, and then headed outside. My instinct was to follow him, so that's what I did. Caelum went out into the hallway and headed for the west wing of the school, leading me to the boys' dormitory.

He then took out a key from his pocket, I guessed it was his key to his dorm room because that's what he used to open a door. Inside was an averagely organized room. All the items were in the right place, but I could make out some dirt on the floor, and I also noticed the chewing gums stuck on the side of one bed. On that bed was a boy, probably in Class B, like Caelum. His hair was black, fading to white at the tips, his eyes were a light blue, and he was laying comfortably at his bed, chewing gum.

"Took you long enough, and you brought a friend too," The boy said, making Caelum sigh.
"Capricorn, this is Alpha, my roommate. Alpha, this is Caelum, the Vice President of the Book Club," Caelum said, introducing us to one another. I didn't really trust Alpha, he looked too radical.
"Ohh," Alpha started with a smirk, "So this is Vice! Wow, he really does seem to be as cute as you portrayed."
That got me confused, so it made me look at Caelum. He just looked annoyed, while Alpha just kept smirking. Caelum must be pretty irritated, because his face was going red.
"I didn't say anything like that," He said, and then he began walking towards the bed on the other side of the room. I followed him, eyeing Alpha as I walked. There was no way we could talk about this with him in here.

"Wait for it," Caelum said, sitting on the bed with the book in his lap. Eventually, Alpha got tired of waiting and watching them, so he plugged on his headphones and turned away, humming the tune.

"Okay, one question. Would your roommate be looking for you by now?" Caelum asked, probably worried. I thought for a while about his question before answering.
"Probably not."

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