"Longer - term memories, yes. If associated with a primal drive. See this one here?" Deaton says, pointing at one of the pictures that he had laid out on the table.

"Yeah." Dad said.

"Those are claw marks. A wolf would have gone for the throat or the spinal cord with its teeth." Deaton says with an almost confused voice. 

Dad speaks up. "So what do you think, it's a mountain lion?" He asks.

Deaton just looks confused. "I don't know. A wolf could chase down its prey, hobbling it by tearing at the ankles. And then the throat." I remember my dream when Scott pulled Allison's legs out from underneath her before I ripped her throat out with my claws.

What did we do to that poor man.


After Scott finishes his jobs at the clinic and I get put onto the payroll we ride to the hospital on Scott's bike to give Melissa some dinner. I hold the chinese food in my left hand, my right hand is wrapped around Scott's shoulders.

When we arrive at the hospital we dump the bike in the rack before walking hand in hand to Melissa.

She looks up at us with a warm smile. "Is my beautiful, talented, and wonderful son and his stunning  girlfriend actually bringing me dinner?" She says as we walk closer.

"Thought you wouldn't mind skipping the cafeteria tonight." Scott and I say in unison.

"You are the most thoughtful, loving, most conniving little con artists ever. You are so not getting the car tomorrow night." She says, I chuckle.

"Mom." Scott says in a hurt voice.

Melissa looks at me before changing what she said. She points at Scott first. "You are the most conniving con artist ever." Then she points at me. "You are the most thoughtful, loving person ever." She finishes, winking at me. This makes me laugh even more.

"Mom." Scott says again in an even more hurt voice.

"What? There's a curfew, no car. But I will take this. Love you." She says, winking again.

"Love you too." Scott says.

"I told you it wouldn't work." I say with a smug grin. Scott rolls his eyes and pouts.

I chuckle and lean up to kiss him lightly on the cheek. A smile lightly pulls at the corners of his mouth. 

He looks down at me and he was about to say something before his attention is drawn away from me by something. Then I feel what he's feeling.

I smell a familiar scent.


Scott and I are drawn down the hallway by an invisible force. We walk slowly down the hallway, hand in hand. Invisible arms pushing us down the hallway.

When we reach the door at the end of the hallway Scott pushes it opens slowly. "Mr Meyers?" Scott says. 

I peer over Scott's shoulder and I see the bus driver lying on the bed. He has tubes sticking out of him in every direction, the beeping of the heart monitor is steady but could easily make anyone go insane.

"Are you okay?" Scott finishes. Mr Meyers' eyes flutter open and a look of recognition crosses over his face. He grabs Scott's hand and starts screaming, his eyes full of fear. I try to pull Scott away but Mr Meyers has a death grip on his wrist.

The heart monitor is going haywire and Melissa burst into the room.

"What the hell are you doing in here? Get out! Now, go! Go, go." She yells at us in a serious voice

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