His eyes flashed for a moment, shining like the sun on a polished stone hiding the mysterious thoughts in the secrets of his intriguing and puzzling mind. I sighed and waited for him to answer as he watched me, like always.

He cleared his throat and as though he remembered why he came here, the frisky expression painted over his face was no more. He frowned and wrinkled the place between his eyebrows,  pursing his lips in a taunt line.

"Why were the papers for my business proposal laying on the living room floor?"

I sat down on the bed and wondered what he was on about. "What papers?"

"Don't play dumb with me Downy," he urged and turned his body to face me. "Those documents are essential in the proposal I am to promote in the next coming weeks, it's pretty much a make or break with the industry and if they're lying around like scraps of nothing then they won't do me any good will they?" He clenched his jaw and narrowed his eyes at me, the forest-green in them growing darker like the man in front of me.

"I honestly don't know what you're on about, I haven't even been to your office in the house since coming here, nor have I rummaged through any of your belongings in your room. How would I know what they would look like, I only just copy your agendas or meetings for the day."

I clenched my fists, bringing the blanket closer to me, though his weight proved that to be difficult as he sat their like a huge stone. After all he was like some Adonis statue, just sitting there leaning on one hand, staring with anger at my bewildered expression.

"I-I do remember seeing papers the other day." I began, and recalled the time Reina was at home.

"When?" He asked abruptly.

"I think two days, maybe I can't really remember for sure." I sighed and rubbed the back of my neck, frowning as I tried to think back to the day.

"That's it!" I yelled, causing Darius to jump at my outburst.

I smiled sheepishly, "sorry."

He sat up and crossed his arms, the veins on his muscles began to bulge out through the motion. I eyed him through the curtains of my fringe and leaned my chin on my knees.

"So, when was it?" He was waiting.

"Oh, the time when I was preparing for the Gala, remember you let me out early." I perked my attention up as he nodded his head gesturing me to carry on.

"When I came home and . . . Reina was there," I lifted my gaze from where I was sitting and noticed a strange expression hit his face.

"What was she doing there?" His voice grew hoarse.

"I-I don't know exactly." I heaved out a sigh wondering if I should say it or not, I mean she probably wasn't doing anything wrong right?"

"Downy." He gritted down on his teeth and demanded I tell him, his eyes doing all the talking as they glowered down at me with their twinkling earthy tones.

"I'm just saying what I saw and she looked like I caught her doing something. She had some papers in her bag and the rest of them when you told me to clear up- I wasn't sure what they were, they just had your name on them and-"

"And what?"

"And," I gulped. "I left them on the coffee table, please don't fire me I'm so sorry honestly I had no idea what they were and whether or not they were important but you kinda annoyed me when you took her side and word for it all and I didn't really want to be of any help." I sucked in some air and began to breathe, knowing how I just rattled on without a pause.

"You did what and because of what!?" He questioned with an arch to his brow, his expression of confusion as his bushy brows knitted like balls of yarn.

"I said," I took another breath.

"Slowly," he commanded and held a hand in the air.

"Right, I found the papers on the floor where Reina was standing. I also happened to see that she had some in her bag, I don't know if she took them but it is what it seems. The papers I found on the floor had your name on them and I guess they may have been those that you found-"

"You didn't think to tell me when you did?"

I pursed my lips and felt like punching him in the face. "Well the power couple pretty much stormed off making it seem like I was the bad guy, she pretty much launched herself at me and threw her crocodile tears at you. Honestly why are you with such an aggravating woman?"

A small smile crept steadily on his long, hard lips. The smile now breaking out into an eruption of laughter. The baritone thumped like a drum from his chest and leapt out of his mouth, surprising me at my own outburst. What an idiot, what was I thinking? The goosebumps on my skin appeared like prickles on a rose bush, as he laughed causing me to think of the horrors of what he might do to me. Perhaps he'll finally fire me and I'd have to go back to that ruddy apartment.

The lines around his eyes crinkled like craters on a barren land, I could only watch in awe at the jolly appearance he was showing to me right now.

"Don't tell me, you're jealous?" He scoffed and smirked at my shocked expression.

"What, of who Reina?" It was my turn to scoff as I thought of how ridiculous that notion was.

"Yes, it seems so as you wish you were by my side instead of her." He clenched the muscle on his arm and grinned showcasing the pearly whites in his mouth.

"No way mister! I would never want to take her place or be jealous of some raging woman and anyway you're the one who wants me," I mocked his deep voice, "because you're mine." Shaking my head in a teasing manner, "I mean who even says that?"

Big mistake.

The joy in his eyes escaped like a rabid animal, gone were the sparkles swimming in the pools of his meadow like eyes. I gulped as he gazed down at me, they darkened as he leered at me. His hand reached out to me and I flinched, closing my eyes.

I held my breath as the warmth from his hand made contact with my cheeks. I gradually opened my eyes as he caressed my plump skin, his thumb traced over my lips and I lifted my head to meet his terrifying gaze.

He looked hungry.

"You test my patience, you know that." His voice was husky, sultry almost.

I shuddered as the honey coated voice drenched over my body, feeling my heart beat race once again I thought it would leap out at any moment.

"I-uh, I'm sorry I didn't mean to." His hand was still on my cheek, I wanted to bat it away, yet at the same time it felt comforting.

He inhaled a sharp breath and hissed, my ears perked up to the to the unnerving sound as it pierced through my ears causing me to wince. I felt a light gust of wind and grabbed the ends of my blanket around me. Looking up I realised he had already left, leaving me alone in my room.

How am I going to survive this year?


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