chapter 9

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The next few days was pretty routine. We got up and spent our days helping Otto and Charlotte with --- whatever it was needed to be done --- and then had dinner together each night. At night before bed we'd all gather in the living room around the fireplace and just talked.

In this romantic atmosphere I tried to get closer to Anya. You know, wrap my arms around her and hope she feels how much I care about her... But that damn dog keeps cock blocking me. He never leaves her side, he even sleeps in her bed with her and each time I come within arms-length from her, he gives me the death stare and growls at me. Damn dog! I just can't catch a break...

Otto had offered to take us on a camping tour of some of his favorite hunting spots, which sounded better than hitting all the regular tourist spots. So, on day five of our adventure Anya and I joined Otto on his boat --- that would take us to his favorite island --- and listened to his endless tales of hunting and fishing expositions with his son. I was busy filming Anya as she laughed and looked genuinely intrigued and entertained by his stories.

Hours passed and Otto shut down the engine near, what I assumed would be our destination. We climbed down onto the skiff with our backpacks and camping gear and Otto steered the little boat to shore. I kept filming as I trailed behind Otto and Anya... until I realized it was hard to walk on rough terrain AND keep the camera focused on Anya's.... ass?

Shit! My bad

That's when I turned the camera off. Another hour or two if walking and listening to Otto talk about the plant and animal life we finally reached a river and what would be our camp site for the next three days. It was starting to get dark so we set up our tents --- Anya and I would share --- and Otto started a fire to cook dinner. The evening was filled with more hunting tails from Otto and after cleaning up and stomping out the campfire we called it a night.

It was hard getting into a tent with Anya, having her hug me goodnight and crawl into her sleeping bag and not be able to pull her into my arms. She instantly fell asleep on her side facing me. I propped myself up one elbow facing her and for a few moments, just watched her sleep. Her hair sprawled behind her, eyes barely closed --- she did this thing where it looked like her eyes are halfway open --- when she sleeps, and lips parted slightly as she breathed softly.

The peaceful rise and fall of her chest eventually soothed me to sleep.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

The next morning when I woke up, Anya had nuzzled into me somewhere in the night. Even as groggy as I was I couldn't contain the smile that spread across my face as I inhaled the familiar apple scent of her hair and felt her arm across my chest and her face nuzzled into my side. Oh, I wish I could just wrap my arm around her, but I fear if I move she'd wake up and this blissful moment would be over. So I just laid there in contentment.

"Rise and shine you two! Alaska waits for no one!" I heard Otto yell from outside our tent while tapping on the fabric with his fingers

Soon I felt Anya make small movements next to me as she opened her eyes and looked at me "morning sunshine" I said smiling down at her

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