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Pen Your Pride


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I scooped up my granola yogurt as I flipped the newspaper. I should have known that I wouldn't enjoy this. Why did I ever let Steph talk me into eating this? Okay, it's not Steph fault. Steph recently became a health junkie and she was so enthusiastic about it that I got caught up in it. I frowned as the sourness of the yogurt hit my tastebud. I should have not bought this. I never liked yogurt to begin with. What made me think that granola yogurt was going to be nice. Well, at least I can say that I tried it but sadly, I didn't enjoy it.

I flipped the newspaper and there it was. His face blasted all over the page. I recognized him immediately. He looked older now but I could still tell it was him. His slick back hair made him look good as he flashed his thousand dollar smile. I knew I should have turned to the next page and yet, my eyes lingered on that page as I began to read that article.

I wasn't surprised that he's successful now. He always had that vibe about him. Most of all, he came from a rather well to do family. This has always been the future for him. In a corner, there was a picture of both him and his wife. I felt a tinge of jealousy and anger. My eyes rested on his wife.


I knew it. I knew this was the type of girls he would want in his arms for the future. As I continue to read, it stated that his wife was a capable and smart women too. Someone who has charities and what not.

Didn't she just sound perfect? No wonder he kept her.

I always knew he and I would have never lasted. Most of all, I knew he was never serious about me.

I ended up frowning. All these years, I never had a thought of him and yet, this simple article seems to be opening wounds that I thought has been mended. My heart seems to feel heavy again and the memories seems to flood in like it was yesterday.

But it wasn't yesterday.

We were both so young when we met. I was just a girl and he was just a boy.

I remember how we met so clearly for it felt like an odd dream.

It was years ago, when a favourite band of mine used to have shows in odd random places. Every time they came up with a new album, they would announce that they had a show in an odd place and they would play their new album there. After that show, only then will their album be released to the public. I absolutely adored this band when I was younger. So when they announced that they had a new album, I was one of the first in line to buy the tickets for the show.

That year, the show was held in a forest. This band was known for odd venues to play their albums. They were just cool that way back then. Most of all, you had to be a diehard fan to even be able to know the venue and how to get the tickets. I was a diehard fan and that's why I knew.

I went to the show and for the first time in my life, I felt disappointed in the music that they were playing. I have always loved all their albums but that was the first time, I hated what they were playing. After the fifth song, I snuck out of the show.

I ended up going deeper into the forest. I sat there and just stared blankly. I found that I enjoyed being away from the crowd. But at the same time, I wasn't too far away as I could still hear the music blasting in the distance. It was both a quiet and a noisy moment. There was something peaceful in being in a place where you were alone but at the same time, you could hear the loudness of it all from a distant place.

It was like, sitting in a coffee shop, watching all the busy bustling people move about. It gave the same sort of peace.

As I sat, I heard a voice say hello.

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