Part 77*

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As soon as the Haldi Ceremony was officially over, Shravan and Sumo were sent back to their respective rooms to rest. Shanaya and Purna were hanging out with Shravan while Pushkar, Raj, Dev, Aaron, Ashton, Erik, and Avi were with Sumo.

They spent the majority of their day resting until it was about 4 in the evening. Purna and Shanaya knocked the door to Sumo's room and kicked the boys out. Telling them to help Shravan get ready.

Sumo's room

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Sumo's room.

Shanaya: (excited) Suman tonight's the Mehendi Ceremony, what outfit are you supposed to wear??

Purna: (teasing) Obviously the one her Prince Charming chooses for her!! (laughing)

Sumo: (throwing a pillow at her) SHUT UP!!!

Purna: Come Sumo, lets start getting ready!

Shanaya: I can't wait to get ready! I have the perfect outfit!! (excited)

Sumo: (narrowing her eyes) The perfect outfit to make Aaron fall to your knees right????

Shanaya: (blushing) No!! Of course not!!

Purna: Come on Shanaya, don't try to hide it!! We can all see that blush on your face when we mention Aaron's name!!

Sumo: I smell a romance blossoming!!! (winking)

Shanaya: Guys stop!! (hiding her flushed face)

Sumo: (removing the hands off of her face) Shanaya, what's going on??

Shanaya: (nervous and blushing) Nothing!....... Well not right now. I'm confused. It's like whenever he is near I feel nervous and I-I....I just don't know! He's so different from all the guys I have met! But I don't think he feels anything about me. (looking down sadly)

Sumo: Oh trust me! I am sure he feels something about you. In fact, all this morning, his eyes were fixed on you! Actually ever since you walked in front of him, he has had his eyes on you.

Shanaya: I don't know. I guess I will just see what happens........Anyways, forget about my love life and focus on yours! If Shravan finds out that you were late the the Mehendi because of me, he will kill me!! (laughing)

Sumo: (laughing) Don't worry!!

Purna: (taking out Sumo's clothes) Here you go Suman Ji. You're designer Lehenga, personally chosen out by your designer Prince.

Sumo: What are you guys wearing??

Purna: You will see darling, but first go and change. The hair stylist and makeup girl will be here any minute now.

Sumo goes into the bathroom and freshens up before taking out her outfit for the evening.

She opened the packet and unfolded the outfit. A huge grin appeared on her face as she recalled the day they had gone shopping. Shravan picked out all of her clothes and was eager to see her in them. And Sumo couldn't wait to see Shravan's reaction to this outfit that he had chosen for her.

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