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THE SKY was quickly falling into a deep navy colour, and the entire time Bella watched, she played with the idea that it could quite possibly be her last time ever watching a sunset again. Her and Cole were being shoved into Mommy's house, and Bella couldn't stop looking over her shoulder, towards the woods Elliot had disappeared into.

"Jesus-" Cole started, before his skin instantly fell pale.

Bella noticed that he was staring at Sir, who was laying on the ground coated in blood, his hood off and his white eye uncovered as it stared up at the ceiling. Bella's heart dropped into her stomach and she felt burning bile begin to pierce the sides of her throat as she stared at his open wound and the knife inside of it.

Her mouth fell open as Mommy stood over Sir's motionless body and smiled a little bit.

"He was too clueless for his own good, you know," Mommy spoke, kneeling down beside his body with the gun still tight in her grip. "And my selfish daughter had to use that against him. Look where he is now," Mommy spoke, her narrowed, beady eyes flicking towards Bella. "Look where he is."

Bella swallowed hard and backed into Cole, her heart racing and pounding in her throat.

Mommy stood to her feet and made it known that if either of them tried to dart for the open door right beside them, they would instantly regret it. Mommy stepped over to Bella, her small eyes boring into Bella's large and terrified eyes, as her lips twisted into a sadistic grin.

"I won," Mommy cackled loudly. "I won, and your father lost."

Tears were forming in her eyes as she stared at Bella, making her obsidian irises glisten off the dim lighting of the living room.

"I won. I won!" Mommy cried out, clapping her hands together. "I have you guys... I have you! Not him!"

Bella tried not to back down from Mommy, but it was difficult to stare back into her eyes. Bella needed to be strong for Elliot, she needed to get out of there so she could find him. She also needed to be strong for Cole, who was so deteriorated and had lost all hope.

But she couldn't be strong.

She looked away from Mommy, her eyes downcast as Mommy walked over to the open front door and latched it, locking it with a key that hung from a small, frayed rope. She placed the rope securely around her neck and looked at the two of them.

"You..." Mommy whispered, her eyes glistening as they flicked towards Cole.

Mommy reached over to Cole and took his hand in hers.

Cole flinched and pulled his hand away instantly, but Mommy stopped him easily and grabbed his wrists. He was incredibly weak and, much to Bella's surprise, he did not even try to fight back.

Mommy gripped his hand again, the gun lifting slightly as she pulled him towards the hallway. "Come with me," Mommy ordered, her voice stern and harsh.

Bella went to take a step towards the both of them, but Mommy lifted the gun towards her, and her heart stopped for a quick second.

"You stay here," Mommy demanded.

"W-where are you going?" Bella whispered, her eyes large with worry as she glanced at Cole who appeared to be absolutely numb. His light eyes were a dull graphite and his heavy eyelids were dropping.

Mommy ignored Bella's cries and swung a door open, shoving Cole roughly into the room as her small eyes watched Bella from down the hallway.

"I'll leave while you're in there. I'll- I'll call the cops!" Bella screamed out, wanting desperately for her to leave Cole alone.

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