Chapter 3

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I stood motionless. My eyes where stuck on his brown eyes. He looked so familiar, where have I seen him before. I started to think, but the boy stood up and dusted himself off and started walking towards the main area of the library. I looked back at him in awe. Well, his rude, was my first thought, the second was that I don’t like him at all.

I came back with a random music book in my hand and headed for the table. I stopped midway as the boy from before was talking with Nick.  He looked so different from a few minutes back. He seemed to be calmer, as he laughed at Nick. Sensing my stare he looked straight at me and glared. I gaped at him as he snickered and walked off the library. I looked at Nick as he looked at me with a smile in his lips.

“What’s wrong?” he asked, “Did someone steal your music book or something?” he looked at the book in my hand.

”No” I replied. I looked at Nick as he continued to look at the book.

“You do know that title of the book in your hand is Violin For Dummies” he laughed. I looked at the book in panic, realising that he was joking. I walked over to my seat and smacked the back of his head with the book.

“Ouch, that hurts” he muttered but didn’t wipe that annoying smile on his face.

I flipped the book open but decided that I wanted answers about the boy I stepped on this morning. I turned to face Nick as he glared at his watch.

“Nick? Can I ask you a question? I asked as he turned ninety degrees to face me.

“Shoot.” He said as his grey eyes involuntarily crawl downwards my face. I coughed as he turned his full attention to my face.

“You know that guy you were talking to just a minute ago?” I asked. He scoffed as if the guy he talked to was a mortal enemy.

“Yeah, what about him?” he replied.

“Who is he? I haven’t seen his around school” I asked, “Is he new?” . Some part of me was hoping he was new, I thought, It would really be bad if the new elected vice president couldn’t even tell a new student in the school.

“Yeah, he’s new. His name’s Rayne Alvaro and I recommend you stay away from him.” He held my gaze for what felt like eternity until he looked at his watch. “Oh, why look at that” he pointed to his watch,” Time to go. We don’t want to be late for the committee meeting now do we?” he asked as he stood up and waited for me to organise my books.

I pushed my chair back against the desk and walked over to Mrs. Taylor. She looked up as she motioned to take the book in my hand. She smiled to us as she handed me the book, but without saying, “You two make a lovely couple”. As I practically ran ahead of Nick who was laughing behind me as we made our way to the principles’ office.


   I walked over to Nick‘s table as he leaned back on his chair. Sensing my usual glare he turned around.

“You looked pissed” he inquired looking at my face.

“Someone stepped on my leg when I was sleeping” I muttered as I yanked the chair beside him. I groaned in my seat as he sighed and patted my back.

“How many times have I told you, that the library is not a place to snore” he laughed under his breath. I looked at him.

“And how many times have I told you to cut the “I’m-school-president-crap”” I made a quotation mark in the air as I glare at him. “Besides”, I continued, “It’s much safer here for me than at home. You do know that don’t you?” I asked him in a serious tone. He looked at me and nodded. We held a silent conversation in our head. He knew exactly what I am and the consequence of knowing my secret. I smiled at him eager to break the growing tension between us.

I looked at the desk next to him. It held a neat pile of books and an open red notebook of some sort. I sighed and looked at Nick.

“It’s not like you to have a date in the library, Nick” I asked looking over at his curious stare.

“It’s not a date. It’s my vice’s.”, he leaned back in his chair before continuing, “Speaking of girls falling over at our feet. How’s your girls?” he asked

“What girls? You mean the girls who made my locker into a cemetery?” I glanced at him as he chuckled. “Nick, do me the honour and fix it. Put a bomb in it or something and change the lock into a heavy duty one” I replied as I laughed.

“Ohhh, don’t be like that. Your fans will fade away eventually. It’s the whole “new-bad-boy” in the scene that’s turning them on.” Nick replied as I continue to laugh. I stopped laughing as I felt someone’s stare at me from behind. I turned around and glare at the intruder, her green eyes pleading for me not to kill her. Hmm, interesting, I thought, it’s the same girl who stepped on me earlier. I snickered and walked towards the doors leading to the hallway.

I walked aimlessly around the hallway waiting for the next bell to ring. I finally ended up seating inside my car. I thought about driving to town to grab coffee, but the time indicated that there is less than ten minutes until the end of first period. I leaned back on my seat as I reminisce about the constant worries I held in the back of my mind.

I looked at the reflection on the side mirror. My black tousled hair was a mess. I sighed and pinched my nose while staring at my tired brown eyes. Stupid lack of sleep, I thought. I closed my eyes and thought of my little sister Ally. Her voice pleading me to come back home as I turned my back and walked away.

My phone rang as the screen indicated a text message from Nick.

Bell rang. Where r u?

I flipped it closed and grabbed my bag. Walking towards the school and back to hell.


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