Oliver Gets Hard Many Times

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This came from a conversation with AubrieTheAwkward. Here we go.

Oliver walked into the living room where Miku was sitting on the sofa, watching TV.

"Hey Oliver," she said, "what time is it?"

Suddenly, Oliver felt his pants tighten as he stared at Miku. Miku looked back at him and saw that he had somehow gotten an erection.

"Dude, really?" Miku said as she looked at Oliver in a funny way.

"I'm sorry!!" Oliver squeaked as he ran to the bathroom.


Len walked into Oliver's room. Oliver had just woken up from a well deserved nap.

"Hi Oliver!" Len said.

Oliver loved Len so much. Whenever he saw Len's face he got turned on.

"What the fuck, Oliver?!" Oliver heard Len shout.

That's when Oliver looked down and saw he had gotten hard. He gave Len a nervous laugh.


So Fuckass wait a minute. *checks script* Fukase was in the kitchen making breakfast when his boyfriend, Piko, walked in and gave him a hug.

"Are you making me some food?" Piko asked.

Fukase laughed. "Why wouldn't I be?"

They both laughed and kissed. Oliver was peeking through the doorway and guess what he had. Another boner. This one was more reasonable, but Fukase and Piko caught him. Oliver ran to his room.


Oliver was lying on his bed when he got hard. No reason or anything to trigger it, it just happened.


Kaito walked over to Len and started hitting on him. Oliver was watching and was pissed. Although he was pissed at Kaito for hitting on his man, he got erect.


Oliver was tired of getting hard for no reason or weird reasons. So he killed himself. But when he died, he got one last boner.

終わリ (Owari or End)

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