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BOOK 1, Chapter 1

❝ And so the lion fell in love with the lamb ❞


"I have arrived, safe and sound," Lola announced to her best friend. She had promised to call Eden right as she walked through the front door of her new home.

"It took you five hours to get from the airport to wherever it is you're living now?" Eden questioned. Lola had called her as soon as she walked off the plane.

"'Wherever it is you're living now,'" Lola mocked. "And you what's really tragic? That that is exactly what this, place, is! It's off the grid, smaller than Jose's dick, and cold and wet! Actually the cold and wet thing isn't that bad."

Eden laughed at the hidden meaning behind Lola's last words. "I'm sure it can't be that bad if it's wet all the time."

Lola laughed, looking around her new room. It was an adequate size and just so happened to be at the back corner of the upper floor. She had a view of the backyard and the forest on one window and on the other she could almost see through the window of the neighboring house. All of her belongings were already there since her mother had driven up a few days prior.

"Where did you even move to again?"

Lola threw herself on her bed as a deep sigh left her lips. "A small native reservation called La Push."

"Lola! Carmen! Come down here!"

Lola furrowed her brows before following the sound of her shouting brother's voice down the stairs and to the kitchen. She saw her two siblings huddled around a note with their mother's neat handwriting upon it. A closer look showed that their mother left instructions to go next door, which explained why she wasn't home when the kids arrived.

"Babe, I gotta go," she told Eden.

"Call me later. Love you," Eden said.

"Love you too."

As soon as she hung up, she followed her siblings out the door and towards the house that her room faced. The siblings were tired from their travels, but they had enough energy to sustain them the rest of the evening.

"These people must be important for mom not to be there to greet us when we got home," Jesus mumbled. His two sisters silently agreed.

They reached the front door and could hear their mother's laughter coming out from an open window near the door. It was a genuine laugh, something the children hadn't heard in a while. They smiled at the sound and knocked on the door. A few moments later, it was opened by a boy who was radiating happiness. He couldn't of been older than fifteen.

"You guys must be Aunt Alex's kids," he said.

The kids shared confused glances at the "Aunt Alex" term the kid used, but nodded all the same.

"Uh yeah," Lola responded. "I'm Lola. This is Jesus, I think you guys are about the same age. And then there's Carmen. She doesn't talk much so don't get offended if she doesn't talk back."

Jesus nodded at the boy while Carmen just kept stoic. The boy brushed off Carmen's hard stare and smiled brightly at them all.

"Nice to meet you. I'm Seth," he introduced while sticking out his hand for them to shake. Once the introductions were done, Seth ushered them into the home with pink cheeks after a subtle reminder from Jesus.

The children entered the quaint home into a small hallway that opened up to a cozy living room to the right and a small dining room to the right. In the living room was sitting a wise looking man who offered them a kind smile.

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