In The Mall

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"Stop bouncing in your damn seat, Bryce," I hissed as we pulled up to the mall. Cap had given me a lot crap for what me and Bryce were planning but I had convinced him that was the only way to go about this. Bryce has been nothing but a pain in my ass since I agreed however. He keeps pointing out little things about the way I dress and how I look. Like he thinks my hair is too...straight? How is that even possible?

"This is going to be fun," he said with a smirk directed at me. I shook my head and parked my car in the front of the mall by some other cops. I made small talk with them as Bryce answered his phone and talked to Jamie. I heard his raspy voice through the phone and absolutely jumped out of my skin. It was weird hearing it after all of this time. 

"Ready?" Bryce asked, grabbing my arm and pulling me away before I could answer. I growled in frustration and he mimicked my growl and continued to yank me along. When I got fed up, I pulled his long black hair and that made him fall back against my chest. He groaned and I bit my lip as the thought of throwing him on a nearby bench and fucking him senseless popped into my head.

I went to push him away but he pulled away before I could. I watched as he walked forward and jumped onto some guys back. A growl rose in my throat as the guy yanked him off and threw him onto the ground. Bryce laughed loud and then laughed even harder when the guy bent down and punched him in the chest. 

"I give, Nico!" Bryce yelled. The Nico guy smiled and picked him up. He then grabbed the back of Bryce's neck and kissed him right on the lips. I felt my fist ball at my sides and my breathing became shallow. I am going to kill him. 

"Damn. You still have it," Nico said when they pulled back. I ground my teeth together and tried to keep calm. I shouldn't even be bothered this. Why am I bothered by this? I am not gay. I have had sex with way too many women to be gay. It was physically impossible for me to be gay. I am fit - well so is Bryce- I am way past my experimenting age, and I am straight! Why the hell does he make me think this way?

"Danger! Hey, Danger!" Bryce called. I ignored him and looked down at my black phone. I pretended to be busy until Bryce grabbed my arm and yanked me over to his boyfriend. I looked up and glared at first Bryce and then Nico. He grinned at me and i rolled my eyes. Gay guys.

"This is him?" he asked. 

"Duh! He's the only one that looks like a cop around here," Bryce answered with a chuckle. I frowned and then yelped when he pinched my butt. "He's in a bad mood."

"I will break your fingers if you ever do that again," I hissed at him. He rolled his eyes and looked at Nico with a 'see what I am dealing with' look. I frowned again and then slapped Bryce's hand away when he touched my butt. "I swear to god-"

"If you two are going to be a couple, Bry, he needs to get with the program," Nico said. My eyes widened as I looked down at Bryce. He smiled up at me with a guilty look and I growled. 


He held his hands out like I was a rabid animal and he was damn smart to. "Listen! I can't just bring you in so we have to fake being a couple so they don't suspect something. I promise I wouldn't- okay I would do this if I didn't have to, but seriously we have to. It was Jamie's idea anyways." 

"So we have to FAKE being a couple?" I asked with my teeth clasped together. He nodded. "That means kissing?" he nodded slower with a guilty expression. "That means touching?" he nodded again with his eyes closed. "Sex?" I asked the last one with real curiosity. I mean I woudn't mind- I mean yes I would!

"We can fake that part." My shoulders slumped at that idea. Why fake when i could do some serious damage to him? I mean....fuck him! No I mean... damnnit.

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