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Now the real party begins!

Nominations are open from June 5th until July 5th, 11:59pm Eastern Standard Time.

-To nominate, please leave the author name and title as an in-line comment on the specific category. Remember to tag three other writers who you think might be interested in participating.

-Tag your work using #theooorahs as it will be easier to find.

-If you're self-nominating, you're done. If you're nominating someone else's work, they must acknowledge the nomination by replying to the initial nomination in order for their work to be considered.

-You may nominate one person, in up to five categories. If self-nominating, please do so only once, as it would be semi-rude to self-nominate five times, and yes, people would notice.

All categories are open to short/novella/novel length stories, with the exception of "Best SF Novel".  


*The category "Short SF" has been removed, as it was limiting other categories, and generally confusing potential nominations. Any previous nominations will be moved to an appropriate category. 

*The categories "Comic SF", "LGBTQ SF", and "Adventure/Survival SF" have been added.

Category breakdown:


First Contact

Space Western

Lost World



Space Opera



Theological SF



Alternative Universe/History

Romantic SF


Military SF

Time Travel

Comic SF


Adventure/Survival SF

SF Horror

Best SF Graphic Novel

Best SF Novel

Best SF Writer

Judges for each category will be announced in a few days.

Our team of expert judges will read through all the nominations, whittle each category down to ten stories, and then it's up to you in the voting chapter!

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