Chapter 7

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Assalamwalaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu.

How r u all???

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Zoya's Pov

I was so exhausted. Today was really tiring for me. Firstly I have to complete all my pending work which I missed and then I have to tell everything to Muskan in detail. She understood my situation and she was feeling sad for whatever happened with me. I told her about that boy, she teased me about him but eventually stopped after sometime.

After she left, I had dinner with my family. Fahad bhai told us that he will be leaving tomorrow evening for his flight and will return two days before his engagement ceremony. We all decided to go at the airport tomorrow with Fahad bhai to see off him.

I came to my bedroom after dinner and lied down on the bed. From tomorrow, Imran bhai is going to drop me to the college but the worst thing is, tomorrow I had my presentation with Zain as we both are arranged as partners for this project.

I just hope they both will not meet each other and wish he would forgot about Zain. Imran bhai really doesn't like him. Even I don't like him. We both were working together from last one week and he always trys to make a personal conversation with me. But I always kept it professional. He is a flirt and I don't like it.

Soon with these thoughts, sleep took over me and I slept.


Next morning....( Still Zoya's Pov )

I got up for my fajar Salah. I performed my wadu and prayed. After praying, I started reading Quran.

I love reading Quran. I read it every morning after fajar and at night after isha. Actually I'm trying my best to read it after every namaz. Inshallah I'll do it.

I read Quran for sometime and then kept it carefully back on its place. I looked at the clock which shows 6:30 am. My college is at 8:00 am. So I decided to take a nap.

I removed my hijab and lied down on the bed. Suddenly my phone buzzed indicating that there is a message. I unlocked my phone and saw Muskan's message on whatsapp.

"Assalamwalaikum Zoya. Actually I forgot to inform you something. Look don't be mad at me please. Today one company is coming to offer jobs in our university"~~~Muskan

I was shocked after reading the message. How can she forget to inform me such an important thing? I hurriedly started typing my reply. She was online so I can give her a good lecture.

"Are you out of ur crazy mind? How can you forget to tell me such an important thing?"~~~Zoya

"You never forget to ask anything about me, then why did you forget to tell me this"~~~Zoya

"Now how will I prepare myself. I don't even know which documents will be required"~~~Zoya

I kept typing a good lecture and she was reading it.

"Will you say something?"~~~Zoya

"I'm really sorry Zoya. Please forgive me. I didn't do it intentionally"~~~ Muskan

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