28. emergency best friend debriefing.

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Text Message, 9:50am Saturday
Ryan: omg omg omg
Isabelle: what's up?
Ryan: Um...
Isabelle: Tell me!
Ryan: I can't even. I'm still in shock.
Isabelle: TELL ME, woman.
Ryan: Ethan and I...
Isabelle: What!
Ryan: Twice 🙈
Isabelle: FINALLY 🎉
Ryan: He just left for the gym. Want to come by?
Isabelle: Bringing coffee. I want details. ALL of the details.


Twenty-two minutes later, the doorbell chimed while I was getting dressed

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Twenty-two minutes later, the doorbell chimed while I was getting dressed. Then it chimed again. And again. And again. An insistent banging on the door started as I made my way downstairs.

"Hi, Iz," I said as I opened the door.

She must have snuck through the lobby doors downstairs with someone. I should probably just give her the code; I knew Ethan wouldn't mind. I was kind of surprised Axel hadn't told it to her already anyway.

Iz sped past me into the living room, coffee takeout tray in hand. Plopping down into the couch, she crossed her legs and turned to face me. She was completely bare-faced and clothed in athleisure wear; she never left the house like that unless she was going to the gym.

Or, I guess, unless there was an emergency post-sex debriefing to attend.

"Okay," she said breathlessly, handing me my English breakfast tea and grabbing her vanilla latte. I wasn't sure how she managed to hit Starbucks and make it over here in such a short length of time. Then again, I knew how she drove.

"Tell me everything. Go."

"Um... I don't know. It just sort of happened. He came home last night after the game, he apologized and things went from there."

She raised her eyebrows. "Things?"

Not as comfortable as she was when talking about sex, I started to turn red. "You know..."

"Was it amazing?" She squealed, nearly spilling her latte in excitement.

"Yes. Totally amazing," I said, which was as much detail as I could stomach sharing. I added, for her benefit, "So much better than anything with Harry."

And that was it— I'd hit my limit. Ethan might have been uncomfortable talking about feelings, but I was hugely uncomfortable talking about sex. I sensed it was something I'd have to work on overcoming if I was with him; I had a feeling he was more... sexually open than me. I guess we both had our hang ups.

Isabelle, on the other hand, would give me a full play-by-play down to the sexual positions listed in chronological order, if I let her. I usually didn't. Sometimes she still did anyway. I knew more about Axel's proclivities than I wanted to.

"Ryan! That's awesome. I am so happy for you guys. He must have finally come to his senses."

"I guess. Took him long enough," I laughed, but I meant it.

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