27. layers.

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Everything started to move in fast forward as months' worth of craving and desire triggered an avalanche

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Everything started to move in fast forward as months' worth of craving and desire triggered an avalanche. 

Grabbing me by the backs of my thighs, he picked me up like I weighed nothing. A rush ran through my body, taking my breath away. Knowing that he could throw me around was a huge turn-on; and, maybe, a part of me wanted him to throw me around... just a little.

He set me on the kitchen counter all the while still kissing me, devouring me.

I wrapped my legs around his waist to draw him closer as he pressed against my satin shorts. We both let out little sighs of pleasure, completely enraptured by the sensation.
I wanted his body against my body and nothing else, but we still had on so many layers; too many layers.

I tugged off his suit jacket and he threw it aside carelessly, onto the floor. Running my hands over his arms, I got a thrill from feeling the muscles that were hidden underneath his dress shirt. I wanted, very badly, to see what he looked like without his shirt on— or anything else, for that matter.

But all of these layers still had to go. In a frenzy of lust by this point, I helped him pull my tank top off over my head. He pulled away from kissing me to admire the lacy white bra I had on underneath with a hungry grin.

"You are so hot," he said huskily, biting his lip as he drank the sight in. I felt that familiar flush creep up on me all over again.

He pulled my bra straps down. It was completely electric, like I was on fire with lust everywhere he touched me.

We stopped kissing for a moment, our mouths an inch apart. I felt lightheaded from breathing his air.

An unvoiced question hung in the room.

"Ethan," I said. "Let's go upstairs."

"Agreed. Forget this kitchen nonsense," he growled, picking me up and carrying me upstairs, kissing me hungrily the whole way.

When he lay me down on his soft grey duvet, it felt strange to be in his room again. Not wrong, but new. Different than any time before.

Time stopped momentarily and reality sank in: this was actually happening.

Ethan. Me. Here. In his bed.

Briefly, the fear of being compared to so many other girls darted through my mind. How would I measure up?

Sensing that my brain had gone elsewhere, he propped himself up on his elbow and looked at me.

"You okay, babe?" he asked me, scanning my face with his dark blue, deep-ocean eyes. I loved those eyes.

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