Chapter Two [ Swim And Coffee ]

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That all happened on Wednesday and Thursday. Making today Friday.

Hoshi has swim practice on Friday, along with every other day of the week, except for Thursday.

Aone didn't have volleyball practice on Friday. He had it on every other day during the week.

Then, of course, they both had the weekends off.

But it's not the weekend yet.


Hoshi woke up on Friday with a smile on her face.

I get to swim again! She thought to herself as she got ready for school.

Today, unlike yesterday, Hoshi has enough time to actually eat breakfast, brush her teeth and get her lunch ready and in her backpack.

So, after all that was done, she walked to the train station and waited.

After she got on the train, Hoshi sat down in the seat closest to the door she could get with a sigh.

Kikawa wasn't going to school today.

She had gotten sick, and was staying home today, and probably tomorrow as well.

But Hoshi didn't mind. That means that she can sit with Aone in peace, and not worry about Kikawa teasing her or anything like that.

When Aone stepped onto the train, Hoshi grinned and waved him over and patted the seat beside her, motioning for him to sit beside her.

He followed her directions and sat down in the empty seat beside her, not noticing the people in the seat next to the one he sat in get up and move to another seat.

As soon as he got comfortable in the hard train seat, he sorta shrank away from Hoshi, with a look on his face that said, do you have enough room?

Hoshi looked at his face and saw that expression. She laughed and nodded. "It's fine. I have more then enough room," She told him.

Aone looked relieved and sighed a little as he slowly moved his body the way it was before he had shrunk away from Hoshi.

Hoshi smiled to Aone, then she spoke.

"Do you have volleyball today?" Hoshi asked Aone.

Aone didn't say anything, just shook his head as he looked at Hoshi.

Hoshis smile got the tiniest bit bigger.

"Ok, do you want to come and watch my swim practice?" She asked him.

Aone thought for a moment, before nodding strongly and decisively.

Hoshis smile was now the biggest it could go without splitting her lips in half.

"Great! I'll meet you outside the gym at the end of the day, so I can take you to the pool. Unless you already know where the pool is." Hoshi added as she played with her hands.

Aone nodded, basically telling Hoshi that, he already knew where the pool was, and that he'll meet her there.

Hoshi smiled just as the train stopped at the station near the school. Aone and Hoshi both stood up and exited the train, Aone waving to Hoshi, before starting to jog to school.

Hoshi smiled as she watched his figure slowly disappear in the distance.

He had agreed.


The day flew by, and finally;

It was time to swim.

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