Winter 1336

"Please John... You have to help me," Johnathan Williams' older brother Carver begged him. John has barely seen his brother over years. He wished he can see him more often. Caver was shivering as he held something in his arms. John tried to make it out, but it looked like a baby.

"I wanted to let you know that I'm going away for a while. Something happened while I was doing a job for father. I have to disappear," he tried to explain, but John stopped him. They both grew up in an assassin family. John was the only one out of seven to not become like his father. Instead of being an assassin, he became a knight. Knights and assassins don't get along.

He really could care less where Carver is going. "I'm flattered, that you told me for once that your disappearing again. Carver, I have a lot of work to do tomorrow, so if that's it... Goodbye."

"I need you to take care of Leon."

John's eyes widen at his request. "Please John," Carver begs as he hands his seven-month-old son to John. He felt so uncomfortable just hold a child. He didn't even know how to hold him. John looked back him and started to sniff the air. He felt like he smelled alcohol.

"I smell ale. You're clearly drunk-"

"Maybe, but mind is as sharp as ever," Carver oddly cracked a smile. John was disgusted.

"Carver, that's not my kid. I'm not looking after him. I never looked after a child before."

"Please John, I need you to do this. But I'm your blood..."

"You just showed up at my bloody door! Don't talk to me about blood! You're the same blood who wouldn't let me leave father's house even though he beats us!"

Those words sank into Carver's chest. He couldn't even say another word. Neither can John. They were both done with the arguing, but they still needed to figure out a solution. He looks back at a sleeping Leon. He looked back and doesn't see Carver anywhere. All that's left is a bag. John started to put the pieces together. His heart starts beating faster. He is now realizing the situation he is in now.

Leon started crying. He groaned in frustration. "Shhhh... it's okay don't worry. I got you," he tried to comfort him. When the crying stopped, John felt odd. He felt soft. He managed to smile through his frustration.

"Don't worry Leon, I'm going to treat you the way my parents never did..."

Autumn 1350

Autumn was the people of Dortchland's favorite season. The leaves were colored just right. Always matching the sky's sunset. In the beginning of autumn, it was never too hot or too cold. It was perfect timing for festivals. The young Princess of Dortchland, Layla, couldn't wait to go to the Autumn Festival. She went ever year with Leon. They fly kites at the festival.

As usual, Layla's parents would go with her, but they were loaded with royal duties. "I'll be careful. Me and Leon will be very careful. You know how important this is to me," she begged them to let her and Leon go on their own. That was never going to truly happen. They were accompanied by many guards.

They both went to the festival and flew their kites. Due to the strong wind, the string broke and got stuck on one of the trees. Layla alerted her guards that they need to try to look for the kite. Two guards went looking in the southwest of the forest. Layla, Leon, and another guard looked in the opposite direction.

They looked high and low for the kite. They start to her footsteps and leaves crunching. Leon automatically became alerted. "What was that!" Layla asked.

"I don't know..."

The noise keeps approaching. Layla slowly goes behind Leon. He slowly reached for his dagger. It turned out it was just one of her guards. They both took a breath of relief.

"You scared us! And where were you!" Layla said as she was upset but more embarrassed.

"Forgive me Princess, we lost sight of you," said the guard. "Come on, we should head back home."

"Did you find it?"

The guard hesitated the answer. "No. But we must return back to the castle."

"But the kite..."

"Your father will get you another one. Come along princess." said the guard as he extended his hand out. Layla looked at his hand and examined it. Something just didn't seem right.

"My guards haven't held my hand in very long time..." Layla's breathing started to change as the guard put his hand down. They started to hear other footsteps. Leon seized his chance and grabbed a rock. He aimed the rock at his head and threw it at the guard. Leon and Layla both ran away from him. They tried to run back to where the festival was. They had to be near as many people as possible. As they were running, Layla's cloak was caught on a branch.

"Leon wait!" she pleaded as she kept tugging on it to get free. Leon ran back to her and tried to help. Once he got her free, the imposter guards showed up. One tried to grab Leon away from her, but Leon put up a fight.

"Run! Layla run!" Leon shouted. Layla followed his directions and ran as fast as she could. The other guards went to follow her and left Leon fighting with one. Leon's rawboned body was no match for the heavyweight guard. The guard tossed him to the guard and kicked him while he was down.

Layla was running for her life. She saw the tents from the festival. She ran as she had a tunnel vision for the festival. As she was so close, she was grabbed by the guard. She started to scream for someone to hear her. Unfortunately, the music and cheering overcast her. She had no choice but to fight back. Her results became unsuccessful as she hit her head against a tree.

The guard checked to see is she was still alive. Once he felt her breathing, he bragged her body further away from the festival and deep into the woods. He stood over her body as he took his sword out. He held the sword over her heart, ready to strike. He stood there for almost a minute and still did nothing. He looked at her as the leaves fell and brushed her cheek. He saw the innocence that he couldn't bring himself to destroy. Finally, he took the sword and stuck it between her armpit. The sword was pushed deep into the ground so it wouldn't fall over. He ran away and never looked back.

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