Chapter seventeen

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I woke up early, it was still dark and cold but I couldn't get back to sleep. I felt my stomach lurch at the thought of school. It wasn't the teacher or learning part it was the fact that I was going to be an outsider straight from the start. I was a royal, exchange student with bearly any knowledge of what was going on. I didn't want to be bullied again. I pulled my sheets closer to me as tears streamed down my face.

"Princess Hazel?" I heard a quiet voice through the door, It was George.

"Yes," My voice trembled under the weight in my chest. 

"Why are you crying?" I felt more tears spill down my cheeks as I got up and out of bed. Shifting my bare feet against the dusty floor I answered.

"I don't like school," I sat down by the door as I saw his shadow slip to the floor.

"Why?" He asked softly as if he was unsure of how I'd react.

"I was bullied a lot before my father and brother found me and I became a princess. I just don't want to be treated badly over the fact that I don't like nice clothes or act like a princess all the time. I just want to be Hazel, That's all everyone of us Royals want to be. In the past we were worthless and now we're worth too much, It's like we aren't human. I just want to find a place where the twelve of us belong." I said memories flashing before my eyes, He was the first person I told the truth to in a long time. The guilt of that hit me like a stone.

"Hogwarts is for all wizards and whiches Pr- Hazel, just Hazel," I felt tears of a different kind fill my eyes as he laughed softly. He was actually trying to help me, instead of mocking me or laughing at me and calling me a child. He understood.

"Thankyou, George," I said smiling softly. He laughed and said with cheer,

"No problem, Hazel. Now get some sleep we've all got a long train ride ahead of us." I slowly got up as he did and walked back to my bed.


This time I woke up to Frank shaking me.

"Come on Haze, It's seven wake up," I woke up and gave him a smile. He laughed and straightened out my bed head.

"Goodmorning, it's breakfast, Percy made blue waffles," I smiled and got up.

"Alright let me get changed, I'll be down in a minute," He nodded closing the door. I slipped on a camp Jupiter shirt and a pair of shorts before running downstairs. 

"Hey Hazel, want a waffle?" Percy asked as I entered the kitchen, only us demigods were awake. I nodded sitting next to Jason who pulled a bit of string off my shirt. 

"Lazy day?" He asked with a Smile I laughed nodding. These guys always make me feel better.

"One blue waffle for Miss Hazel," Percy said with joke formality as Annabeth mocked him. I heard one of the others upstairs wake up with the usual creak in the floor boards. 

"Hey Hazel," George said walking into the kitchen, I waved my mouth full. Percy smiled handing him a plate with two waffles on it.

"Good morning George," Thalia said as he sat down next to her, He smiled and nodded in reply. I finished my food, and Frank took my dish so that it could be cleaned.and I went upstairs with Piper to pack.


The station was really busy. Wizards, Witches and Mortals alike wandered down the platforms and I couldn't help but feel nervous, Frank smiled holding my hand. 

"Don't worry, the can't see past the mist," I nodded and looked straight ahead pushing my trolley with one hand. Luckily no gemstones followed me, we made it between the platforms 9 and 10. Harry and Ginny showed us what to do, which was run straight at a wall apparently. the other wizards went before us then Percy and Annabeth followed by Reyna and Thalia and so on until it came to Frank and me. 

"Ready?" He asked,


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