Another day in the hospital

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" Lexi do you want your siblings to come in now, they are really worried for you." Her mom asked.
" fine, they can come." Lexi replied
About 10 minutes later Lexi heard yelling
" I want to talk to her first" Brianna asaid.
"No way I'm talking to her first." Replied Josh.
"That's not fair!"yelled Brianna.
"Is too" yelled josh
"Is not" yelled Brianna again.
" enough, we all get to see her!' Yelled their dad.
They stopped at her door.
"Before, we go in Lexi looks really bad so don't make it worse." Their dad said sternly. They all walked in to see Lexi in a hospital bed all pale and had a lot of needles in her arms. Lexi could tell by the look on their faces, she looked really bad.
"I know I look terrible you can say it." Lexi laughed. Everyone got really serious.
"Lex that's not funny." Amanda said sternly everyone nodded in agreement with her.
"Yeah sure and the time we scared Jonah wasn't funny." Lexi replied extremely sarcastic.
"Come on Lexi, nock it off." Mason said getting angry
"Whatever." She replied and turned the other way so she wasn't facing them.
"When does she get out?" Asked Katie
"In an hour." Their mom replied
One hour later
"Lexi wake up, wake up!" Landon was trying to wake her up.
"Mom she's not waking up!" Jonah said about to cry. Mason ran over to her bed and tried to wake her up but failed just like Jonah and Landon.
"Lexi bear, please wake up." Mason said stroking her hair.
"Princess it's time to wake up!" Amanda tried but started to cry.
"Mom get a doctor." Brianna yelled.
Amy came rushing in with a doctor and 2 nurses. "Everyone back up!" Yelled the doctor. They all backed up, everyone was crying even Tristan who never cries. The nurses were trying to get her up, but nothing happened. Her heart monitor started to slow down and was beeping extremely slow it was almost to becoming done everyone was watching it and Amy just started to sob and couldn't stop. More nurses came and they told the family the had to leave, but Jonah started to kick and scream at them saying " NO THAT'S MY SISTER, LET ME SEE HER!!" Mason had to force him out. Mason and Jonah came back to the waiting room to see there entire family broken. Brianna the cheerful spirt was completely gone, now she was in a ball on the floor balling her eyes out.
30 minutes later
"The family of Lexi Ree?" Questioned a nurse. Everyone jumped up. The nurse saw how big the family is and told them " Just the parents please." She replied politely. Amy and Anthony got up.
"She is fine and can go back home in about 20 minutes, she was unconscious because of her low blood pressure and dehydration , she also has the flu so that made her heart rate start to slow almost stopping, we have her some medicine and she will be good to go."Explained the nurse.
"So she is okay?" Asks Anthony
" yes she is." She gave both of them a warm smile and left. When they got back to the waiting room everyone stood up.
"Is she okay?" Amanda asked right away.
"Yes she is!" Replied Amy. Everyone sighed in relief.
"Lexi is ready to go home." The doctor told the family. Lexi then came walking out with a nurse behind her dragging a wheel chair.
" Lexi you should be in the wheel chair." Her mother told her sternly.
"Oh my god I am fine!" Exclaimed Lexi
Everyone just stared at her.
" what? Is there something on my face?" She asked getting serious. Everyone just laughed at her.
"We need to get you home." Said Tristan. Lexi was really confused that he said "We".
" what are you talking about? We don't all live together!" Everyone just gave
her a smirk
" No, you all go to your own places!" She said annoyed.
"We are not leaving!" Said Brianna
"You all act like I'm 3!" Replied Lexi everyone smiled.
" come on let's go." Said Katie and grabbed her hand which she pulled away making everyone laugh.
"Oh hey Lexi!" Yelled Jake a kid she met at the park once during the beginning of summer break with her friends. Everyone looked in the direction the voice came from. Once her siblings saw it was a boy they all got over protective.
"Oh hey Jake how have you been? Lexi asked sweetly. But before he could reply her siblings formed a crowd around her.
Lexi pushed pass them and went over to Jake. " Let me see your phone." She said to Jake. " uhh... okay?" Jake asked. Lexi put her number in, and gave him his phone back. "I'll talk to you later." She waved then went back to her little "huddle". Thankfully her siblings were to busy arguing about killing Jake the boys want to but the girls said no way.
"Hey Lexi where is your friend." Mason sneered.
" He thought it was awkward so he left." Lexi said annoyed they acted that way. "You all know I'm 15 right?" She asked. They said "yeah" "why?" Asked Josh. "Just checking, cause I thought you didn't know cause you act like you don't." She replied full of sass, and with that she walked to her parents car and got in.

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