•Chapter 3•

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Recap of chapter 2:💗

I got a pillow hitting him with it catching him off guard making him fall off the bed .

Then he pulled me down with him making me fall off the bed on top of him .

I was inches closer to his face we both noticed and then we quickly got up .

Do I like him ? As a friend yea ! More ? No I just literally met him yesterday plus he probably would never feel that way about me .

•Raine Pov•

"Rainey it's almost eight thirty you got five minutes left hurry up "! My mom yelled from downstairs.

It was my dad's first finals game of 2017 tonight . Third time in a row of him going to the NBA finals I'm proud of him .

I quickly finished putting my shoes on making sure I had everything.

I got my phone and quickly walked downstairs.

My grandparents and aunt and uncle on my dad's side was also here .

"Rainey you look so beautiful "my grandma Sonya said .

"Thanks grandma " I said smiling .

My aunt Sydel came over to me smirking oh lord .

"Your mom tells me that you guys have met the ball family " she said .

"Yes Sydel " I feel my face turning red .

"I seen what the shaderoom posted a few weeks back of when you guys were sleeping and the brother Lonzo had you guys on live " she said .

"I know what your thinking and no we're not dating we just literally met a few weeks ago " I said .

"I understand but if you ever need advice come to me " she said .

"You know I will " I said .

"Rainey are you and Jasmine riding with us or LaMelo and his brothers ?" My mom asked me .

"Rainey is not riding with any boys " my grandpa said .

"Grandpa there just my friends plus you will meet them tonight " I said .

"Rainey I said no your riding with your family not with some boys I don't know I don't care who they are " he said .

"Dell  Stephen has met the family and the boys he trusts them around her , Ayesha is ok with it and so am I , Rainey you go ahead with your friends to the game we'll meet you there " my grandma said .

There was a knock at the door I went to answer it and it was Jasmine .

Her mom waved from the car " Hi Mrs.Olsen "I said .

"Hi Rainey you girls have a great time wish your dad luck for me "she said then drove away .

Right after she left  a few minutes later I noticed Lonzo's 2017 Range Rover pull up  and LiAngelo's Mercedes Benz .

They got out of the car and walked up the drive way of my house .

"Hey Rainey !" LaMelo said coming up to me .

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