{Christian's POV}

I smiled walking towards our bedroom and bumped the door open with my hip as I held the tray in my hands. I looked at Scarlett and laughed. She was still asleep and her hair was everywhere

"Babe." I said walking up to the bed and she stirred with a low groan. 

"Babe." I repeated and she groaned once more. 

"Five...more...minutes." She mumbled into the pillow. 

"I have food." I said and watched amused as she opened one eye and looked up at me. 

"You made food?" She asked more awake and I laughed nodding. 

"For you." She sat up giving me a goofy smile. 

"For me?" I nodded and she grinned moving to sit against the headboard and patted her lap. 

"Eager are we?" I asked and she giggled, she giggled


I sat the tray on her lap and she looked at it curiously. 

"You made me breakfast in bed... for no reason?" She ask skeptically and I scoffed.

"Can I not cook for my mate? I can take it back." I started to reach for it and she swatted my hands away. 

"No, I'll take it." She said grinning and took a piece of bacon, biting into it. 

"Muy delicioso." She said and I laughed turning on the tv and walked sitting next to her pecking her cheek. 


"You know our kids are gonna know three languages, how crazy is that?" She asked as she cut up her waffle. 

Her gaze met mine and she cocked a brow. 

"What? Never seen a girl eat?" She asked as she stuffed a piece of waffle into her mouth. 

"You said our kids." I said and she nodded. 

"Was you expecting me to say someone else's?" She joked and I laughed shaking my head. 

"No it's just...you want kids?" 

"Of course, don't you?" She took another bite and I smiled. 

"With you? Of course." 

"Girl or boy?" She questioned and I thought about it. 

"Why not both?" Her eyes widened. 

"So two kids?" She asked and I shrugged. 

"Why not?" 

"What if we get two boys? Or two girls? What then?" 

"I'll love them just as much." Her eyes softened. 

"I love you." 

"I love you too, Scar." 

"Bite?" She asked holding out a piece of bacon and I smiled shaking my head. 

"Im not that hungry." She frowned. 

"Why?" I laughed shrugging. 

"I'm not used to eating breakfast. For the past ten years I got straight up and went to work in my office." I said and she sighed. 

"You needed to eat breakfast, Christian. It's the most important meal of the day." 

"What are you? My doctor? Im perfectly healthy." I mocked and she squinted her eyes at me. 

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