"Who is there?!" He shouted. Sophie Elizabeth Foster...S...E...F... "Sef!" She called, not wanting to give her name out to a stranger. The dim light focused on her, "Mother of..." The man trailed off as he stared at the ghostly Sophie riding an unrecognizable beast. Something of a cross between a polar bear and a wolf. Sophie's blonde hair swirled around her, probably making an intimidating ghostly sight. "What are you?!" The man called as the huskies barked and growled at Myth who just gave a loud snarl, making them whimper. "I'm lost." Sophie called. "I'll say." The man said under his breath, but the wind carried his voice to Sophie's ears. "Follow close behind, I'll take you to town." He called.

Sophie followed the dog sled, to a few buildings that she wouldn't even consider a town. The man pulled his dog sled up to a small home. "Go on inside, I have to get the dogs back in the shed." He said, staring at Sophie as she stumbled off of Myth. She shoved open the door and the beast followed her. The room Sophie entered was carpeted, with two couches facing each other a coffee table sat in the middle. She untied the rope and recoiled it to her side. Myth lay at her feet as she sat on a couch. Wrapping her cloak tighter around her she shivered. The man car in a few minutes later stomping his boots. He looked at Sophie, Myth than he turned on the heater. "Hot chocolate?" He offered peeling his gloves off, he shrugged out of his thick coat.

Pulling his had, Sophie found he was a very young man...mid twenties. "Yes, thank you." Sophie nodded as the thin man moved to the kitchen. "What did you say your name was?" He asked. "Sef." Sophie replied. "Nice to meet you Sef, my name is, Kyle Whitaker." He said. "What...what were you doing out there in the snow? With a storm warning no less." Kyle asked. "I don't know." Sophie shrugged. She had just woken up, and she felt incredibility weak. "Well who are your parents...I'm sure they're worried." Kyle said. "My parents...aren't around anymore." Sophie said, trying to get a lie closest to the truth as possible. "What about the people who are in charge of you?" Kyle asked.

"I don't have guardians..."

"Well what were you doing out there? You know there are wolves right? If the wolves and bears don't get you the cold will." Kyle sighed. "I don't remember." Sophie said. Kyle held up his finger as the whistle of a teapot screamed. He came back with two mugs of steaming hot chocolate. Sophie sniffed it, Myth raised his head and sniffed, looking for poison he grounded before laying his head back on his paws. "You got amnesia or something kid?" Kyle asked. "A mild case. Things are coming back in flashes right now." That was a lie, Sophie couldn't even remember how she got outside. Kyle sat down on the opposite couch, being careful not to get his feet close to any where near Myth. "Does this happen a lot?" He asked.

Sophie hummed under her breath, answering the question without really answering it. Kyle sighed as he drank his hot chocolate, before rubbing the stubble on his jaw. "Alright than Sef, here is what we are going to do." He said setting his cup down on the coffee table. "Since a storm is coming in, you'll stay here with me. I'll call the police station, so as soon as this storm passes, they'll be here." As if to prove his point more the howling of wolves went up. Myth's snarl ripped through the small house, making Kyle jump. "Also your pet-"

"He's not a pet." Sophie said, "He's a companion." Kyle stared at her. "Your companion ...will he try to eat me?" Kyle asked. "Don't be silly. Of course he won't." Sophie said. Myth only opened his mouth showing his teeth to Kyle. Kyle swallowed loudly, "What is he anyways?"

"A mixed breed." Sophie said rubbing Myth's ears affectionately. Myth leaned against her legs enjoying the scratching, but his brown eyes glared at Kyle. "I gathered that much." Kyle said, which earned a growl from Myth, urging him to change the subject. "Come on, I'll show you to your room." Kyle stood Sophie finished her hot chocolate and pushed herself half way up before yelping and clutching her rolling stomach. "What's wrong? Are you okay?" Kyle asked. Sophie unwrapped her cloak and lifted her tunic. There on her stomach was purple and black bruises, covering her sides and stomach. Kyle cursed under his breath, "What happened to you?" He asked, as Sophie gently probed one of the bruises curiously. "Don't do that!" Kyle snapped.

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