Protective Part 3.

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We were still in the same position trying to clam down our breathing. I lifted myself up a little and looked at her to see her with eyes closed and a small smile playing on her lips. Still got it Y/l/n. I pecked her lips making her open her eyes and smile at me.

Hailey:"Hmm...hey"She mumbled making me chuckle a little.

Y/n:"Hey..."I mumbled back making her smile. I pecked her lips once more and looked at her"Shower or bath?"I asked.

Hailey:"Bath"She said making me nod. I pulled out making her groan and me smirk as I slipped my boxes on. I walked to the bathroom and ran the bath while she laid in bed. Once I was done running the bath I walked back to the room and saw her wrapped in the sheets.

Y/n:"Baths ready"I said making her nod and blush a little making me look at her confused. She cleared her throat and looked at me turning more red.

Hailey:"Uh..I can't walk"She mumbled making me walk up to her and pick her up bridal style carrying her to the bathroom. I set her down and slowly unwrapped her sheets from her body letting it fall to the ground as I looked at her through the mirror.

Y/n:"You're so beautiful"I mumbled making her blush and me smile. I helped her in the bath and then joined her. She sat between my legs and rested her head on my chest sighing in content. 

Hailey:"This is nice"She mumbled making me hum and put my face in her neck kissing it a little.

Y/n:"It is..."I mumbled in her neck making her giggle a little. We stayed in the bathtub for a while and talked a little and laughed as well. I starred at her in awe making her turn around and look at me.

Hailey:"What?"She asked making me shake my head and smile.

Y/n:"'re just really beautiful"I said making her blush and me chuckle. I pecked her lips and smiled at her"Come on...lets go to bed"I said making her nod.

I helped her out and wrapped a towel around her hugging her from  behind and kissing her neck making her smile. I changed into a pair of sweats while Hailey slipped on my shirt. We got under the covers and sighed as we made contact with the cold sheets.

Hailey:"I love you"She mumbled between kisses making me smile and peck her lips multiple times making her giggle.

Y/n:"I love you too"I said making her smile. She rested her head on my chest and sighed putting one leg on top of mines and kissing my lips.

Hailey'"Goodnight baby"She said making me kiss her forehead and smile.

Y/n:"Goodnight my love"I mumbled before letting the darkness consume me.

I woke up to small kisses on my face making me smile and pull her closer to me. I heard a small giggle escape her mouth making my smile widen at the sound. I opened my eyes a little and stared at her loving the way she looked when she woke up.

Y/n:"Morning beautiful"I mumbled in her neck making her giggle and kiss my head.

Hailey:"Morning baby"She said making me smile and kiss her neck again. I moved my head away from her neck and looked at her smiling.

Y/n:"So what do you wanna do today?"I asked making her smile and bite her lip.

Hailey:"Well, we all wanted to talk to you about something actually"She said making me look at her a little confused.

Y/n:"As in you, the girls and the guys?"I asked making her nod. She pecked my lips and grabbed her phone while I sat there thinking about what they all wanted to talk to me about.

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