Chapter Seventeen

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He moved my hands up to his hair and I reveled at its softness. Jake's hair was coarse and spiky to the touch. I pulled his braid over his shoulder and released his locks, allowing them to flow over his shoulders. I ran my fingers through the smooth hair. "Long hair, smooth, with a subtle wave," I whispered, my eyes still closed.

"Thanks to the braid," Edward chuckled, his hands firmly on my hips, just above my behind.

Sliding my hands from his hair, I moved them down his chest. His skin was just as smooth and chilled as his face. I traced his collarbones, feeling them beneath my fingertips. Gliding my hands down, I felt his nipples. They were hard and slightly warmer than his torso. I felt the ridges of his belly, smiling as I felt the muscles contract. He squirmed. "Ticklish?" I asked.

"Very much so, but I'm also turned on as fuck," he said, his forehead pressed to mine and he tightened his hands around my waist. "Your touch, so hot and so tender, sih'rena. Keep describing."

"More smooth, taut skin, with muscles twitching under my touch," I murmured. I slid my hands up his back. He rolled his shoulders and I felt and heard his wings pop back out. I ran my fingers along the thick bones where they connected to his shoulders. His wings moved and surrounded us. I felt him pull me closer with his wings. I was surrounded by his strength, his power and his cool body. It was drastically different then when I was with Jake. He took, never held me and was hairy, very, very hairy. There was not an inch of smooth, cool skin on my ex-husband. Everything about Edward was different, safe, protective, loving, mine.

"Open your eyes, love," Edward said. Blinking my eyes, I saw his face close to mine. His eyes were almost glowing, but so fierce. "Do you see? Do you feel? Do you know?"

"Yes," I breathed, tracing his jawline and whimpering when he turned his face and kissing my palm. "I'm sorry."

"Do not apologize," he said, looking back at me. "You're in charge, sih'rena. You said that you wanted me. What do you want me to do?"

"I want you to touch me, see me," I whispered, staring into his evergreen irises. "Love me."

"Always," he whispered back, kissing me sweetly and rolling his shoulders, retracting his wings. He rolled us so I was on his lap, my body astride his belly. His slid his tongue between my lips and his fingers easily unsnapped my bra. His hands glided the straps down my arms and tossed it behind me. His large hands cupped my breasts, massaging them tenderly and twisting my nipples. My hands found his hair and tugged on the soft strands, whimpering as his hands moved over my body. "I want to taste you, Bella. I want to feel your skin against my tongue."

"Yes," I pleaded, rocking against him. I felt my body clench at the prospect of Edward's mouth of me. He kissed my neck, moving his mouth down and kissing my neck. He growled lowly as his tongue dragged along my pulse point. His palms were still on my breasts, but they moved down my back, cupping my ass. His mouth moved down my neck and he wrapped his lips around my nipple. I arched my back, my head falling back. He suckled on my tit and I rocked against him. With another roll of his hips, I was on my back and Edward was hovering over me. "More, baby."

He grinned crookedly, but it was dark and sexy. He kissed me and his hands pushed my panties down. I shuddered when my overheated sex came in contact with his cool belly. He whimpered. "You're so wet, Bella. I can feel you against my stomach. And you're so fucking hot." He kissed me again, before moving down my body. His lips left a cool, wet trail down my sternum before he stopped just above my mound. "Can I taste you? I want to ... so fucking badly. I need to taste you."

"Please, please," I begged. I'd never had someone touch me, taste me. Previous relationships were unfulfilling and from Edward's hungry, sexy gaze, he was willing to show me how much he desired me. He smiled before spreading my legs apart and leaning forward. He kissed my inner thighs. Looking back up at me, he kept his eyes on mine as he pushed forward and his tongue slid through my sex. "Oh, fuck!"

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