Alyssa's POV

I really can't believe I'm walking with Harry Styles.

At first, I wished for any normal fan could wish for, let them sign an autograph for me and talk to me for at least a minute and it would make my life complete! But now, I'm walking with Harry Styles. Harry flacking Styles from One Direction. Many directioners would kill for them to be in my shoes right now. I mean, I'm so lucky that I get to know him, and the boys, even for a short time, personally.

"Nice weather we have here." Harry said, breaking the silence we had since we left the school.

"So you're going all weather man on me now, huh?" I said sarcastically, giggling like silly school girl.

"Your giggle is perfect." He said, smiling cheekily. I think the butterflies came back in my tummy again. Why does he keep doing that?

"Oh thanks." I replied, blushing madly.

"Guess we're here." Harry said, smiling. We're here already? I want to spend more time with him and get to know him better! Wait, I sound like a stalker. Didn't sound right at all.

"Oh. Thanks harry." I replied, kissing his cheek. Why the heck did you do that? He'll probably think I'm crazy or sumthin. I already did it, even though I didn't know why, might as well go with the flow. Not to mention the butterflies go fluttering more and more crazily.

"O-oh ddon'-t m-mention i-it." he said, blushing red tomatoes. Guess he got affected by it too huh? WHY DID YOU DO IT ALYSSA? WHY?

"Wanna go inside Harry?" I asked, trying to be polite. My parents are at work anyway. It's only Cheryl and Stevie inside.

"Uh, no thanks. My mates are probably missing me right now." He laughs.

"Oh right. Thanks again." I replied, smiling and waving at him before I went in the house.

"Stevie! Cheryl! Give your big sis a hug!" I shouted while I throw my bag. Good luck finding it tomorrow Alyssa.

"Big sis!" Cheryl yelled, jumping in my arms. Yep. I raised them well.

"Aww.. Missed me already?"

"Of course!" Cheryl replied, smiling at me.

"Where's Stevie?"

"He's playing video games. Again."

"Meh. Let's not disturb him. Anyways, what do you want to eat for lunch?" I said carrying her to the sofa to watch TV.

"McDonald's!" she replied, handing me the phone.

"But we already had McDonald's yesterday. It's not healthy." I replied, watching the TV.

"But big sis. Pretty please. With spwinkles on top. Please please pleeeeaaaasee?" she replied getting cute as she said 'spwinkles' as she tug my uniform.

"Fine, but this is the last time okay. We're gonna order again next week if you want." I replied giving in. I just can't help it.

"YAY. McDonald's! Best sis ever!" Cheryl replied, jumping around the living room doing her dance she called, 'victory dance'

I grabbed the phone and dialled McDonald's





What's taking so long? I'm hungaaryy!


"Hello, good afternoon, how can I help you?"

Oooh. I'm starting to like the girl. She's so polite.

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