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Oh, and sorry for not posting in a while!

     You woke up to your mom screaming at you. This happened often, as because you were such a fuck up of a daughter and a person. You were still in so much pain, and you couldn't even open your eyes before she grabbed you by the shirt, and pulled you off your bed. This took you by surprise. She's never done this before. She must be fucking high again. That piece of shit. You started to panic, thinking of your sisters. Where were they? Were they okay? Were they hiding like you told them to if mom ever got violent? You needed to find them. Your mother dragged you into the living room, and started beating you relentlessly. What ever she took must have really made her extra pissed off. This was the second beating you got in the span of 48 hours. You didn't know what time it was, what day, nothing. All you could focus on was protecting your face, and thinking about your sisters. One in the chest, two in the ribs, 8 in the stomach... it kept going. She was probably going to do this until she was tired. You would have fought back, but... you didn't like fighting. You may have been in a dangerous business with your drug dealing, but that didn't mean that you were a dangerous person. You only sold drugs because you were saving up money for your sisters. You didn't take them. You kept your grades up so you could graduate, and get them the fuck out of this ratchet- ass house. You kept trying to be good for them. You did it for them, and did it for Joseph. Not for anyone else, not even yourself. Because you would have jumped off of something a long time ago if it was only just you. It felt like around 6 minutes before your mom finally let up and walked away, slamming the door to her room shut. You layed still, afraid to move. It wasn't as bad as the one yesterday, since your mom wasn't as strong as that man, but it still hurt like hell. You groaned in pain and shuttered at the urge to throw up. But you didn't. You slowly got up, and went to the hiding spot you designated for your sisters... only that they weren't there. A chill went up your spine. Where were they? You went to their room. The sight broke your heart. You must have been in a deep sleep earlier, because you should have heard them screaming. They were also beat up. Olivia and Sophia were huddled in the closet of their bedroom, faces bruised and bleeding, crying and shivering in fear. When you opened the door, their eyes widened, thinking it was their mother. But it was only you. You stood in front of them before dropping to your knees, and started crying. They didn't deserve this. Why couldn't you just save them? If it wasn't for your selfish needs, they would have been okay. A sob wracked through your body. You were such a screw up. A villain. The worst human in the world. You were pathetic. You couldn't even stand up for yourself! You- Your thoughts were interrupted by two small hands being placed on your back. Your breathing hitched. You took a deep breath, and sat up with aching bones. Olivia and Sophia, hugged you with all of the strength they had left. Lord, you loved them. You put your arms very gently around them, careful not to hurt them in any way. You rubbed their back, calming them down. They were so bruised and broken... you couldn't stand it anymore. You weren't going to let them stay in this house one second longer.

     "Come on, get up and pack your backpacks with everything that you 100% need, okay? I'm going to do the same. Be as quiet as you can. I'll be doing the same. Do not leave your room after your done packing. I'm going to get you and then we're going to leave." You helped them up from the ground. "Where are we going?" Sophia asked in a shaky voice. "I don't now. But not here. Somewhere where you'll never be hurt ever again." You left to go to your room and pack. You were getting them the hell out of there. No more would you stand and take the beating. Your mom hurt them, and that was the last straw. You didn't even know how much money you had stored, but you took it all. You packed everything necessary, and went to your sister's room to pick them up. Finally, you all left that god forsaken place, and went to start a new life. A new life with more opritunity, a new life without abuse, a new life  to be a new person. No more drug dealing, no more bad deeds. You were going to be good. You didn't know where you were going, but anything was better than staying there. You decided that the motel would be the best place to go for now. It was around 1 in the morning, and all three of you were exhausted. When arriving there, you checked in, and went up to the room. You cleaned Olivia and Sophia's cuts, and iced ther bruises. You cleaned yourself up as well. It was a little scary. You didn't really know what you were doing. You were 18, and ran away with your sisters. Would the cops be called? Would you be exposed of your drug dealing? Would you get arrested? You sighed. The best solution was to write Joseph about this. You knew that he'd help. He always did. You hadn't heard from him in four years, but it was worth a shot. You knew the address and everything. So after you tucked the twins into bed, you wrote a letter to Joseph, snuck to the post office, and dropped it off in the mail box (Don't ask me how you got a stamp). It was now around 2 o'clock, and you were really tired. At least it was Saturday. Arriving back at your room, you silently got into the bed with your sisters, and almost immediately fell asleep.

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