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Note that Kari Ran is my 'i-want-to-be-but-never-will-original character'

Kari Ran's P.O.V

Here I stood, in front of the tallest and most famous school in the country, Hope's Peak. Even at this moment, I still wondered, 'How did I even get here? How did I fall in love?' But, the answers to those questions will soon be answered. When I first came, I was tricked into thinking that I would have a splendid ride towards a good adult life, but what I didn't know was that it would cause both me and my friends I have met along the way, Despair.
I started heading in through the front gates, guiding myself with 'I can do this! There's nothing to be afraid of!' Unfortunatley, when I got to the main hall, all that stopped when I was loosing the feeling in my legs and my vision blurred.

Later on, I woke up in a classroom. Looking all around, I notice that the windows are tightly screwed on. Sense I'm not the strongest person in the world, I didn't even bother trying to loosen it up. I looked around once again, finding a security camera and a monitor. My mind starts spinning with questions of all different sorts.
Tensing up, I see that there is a note on the desk I was passed out on which read, 'The first semester is about to begin. Starting today and from now on, this will be your new home.' After reading the note, I said aloud, "What is going on here," in a hushed tone. Looking up, I see a clock that read, 7:30.

Just now realizing, I got here around 6:40..  so I was already there for an hour and ten minutes. "Was I really asleep for that long? ..Wait, how did I even get here? I don't remember walking through the school." I said. Sighing, I stood up from my seat and headed towards the door, ready to head to the main hall.
I start taking lefts and rights until I stood in front of a large door with a green sign. I nervously walk in, only to find very few students are already there.

"Uhm, he---" I looked at a girl with brown hair and immediatly recognized who she was. "Woah.. Are you Aoi Asahina?" I pointed at the girl and she replied with, "Yep! Nice ta' meetcha!" She casually waved at me, and my heart almost stopped. 'She is the Ultimate Swimmer! I've been a fan of her since.. well, when she first started airing her swimming competitions on TV!' I stood there dumbfounded and surprised.

'My dreams are coming true!!' "Wait.. I know you!" And once again, my heart almost stopped. "Y-you do?!" "Aren't you Kari Ran? The most popular ice skater in almost the whole world?" I couldn't believe it. My favorite swimmer has actually heard about me?' She speed walked up to me and put her hands on my shoulders saying, "I am.. such a big fan!!" She squeeled and I stared at her. "I-I'm a huge fan of you too..!" I showed my best smile, making it clear that what I said was the honest truth.

"Do you like donuts?" She suddenly asked me. I didn't know what the right answer was, so I just spoke my mind. "Y-yes, they are delicious!" I smiled once again and she said, "Great! Then we can both eat donuts with Sakura!!" She looked behind her and I soon brought my gaze over too. There stood a cool looking and buff girl with a school uniform. The girl also had her arms crossed over her chest and gazed at us two.

Aoi then took her hands off my shoulders and grabbed my hand, pulling me along side her. "You should totally meet her!" I nodded my head and politely smiled.. again. After a few long steps, we stood in front of Sakura. She said to me in a deep voice, "I am Sakura Oogami. The Ultimate Martial Artist. Pleased to meet you." Hearing her polite sounding and deep voice made me shiver, but I knew she couldn't really help it. I just gave her my signiture smile and said, "We can all be donut buddies!" Aoi pumped her fist into the air and shouted, "Yeah!"

After our little discussion on what kind of donuts we like, I saw the doors swing wide open, only to reveal a bratty prince-like boy named Byakuya Togami. I quickly run to hide behind Sakura and peeked from behind her. Togami was followed by a girl with braids, blushing and drooling at the sight of who was in front of her.

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