Protective Part 2.

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Y/n:"I know this is none of my business but what happened between you and Justin?"



Frozen. As soon as I asked that question everyone froze and looked at me with wide eyes while Hailey had a blank expression on her face. I knew something happened between her and Justin but she didn't say what. I looked at everyone confused. I studied Hailey's face and saw that there was something wrong. She's hiding something.

Y/n:"Hails.... What happened between you and Justin?"I asked once again making her look down breaking eye contact with me. I looked at them for help but they just looked down avoiding eye contact. I heard Bella sigh and then look at Hailey.

Bella:"Just tell her Hails...."She said making Hailey look at me and nod. She took a deep breathe in and let out a unsteady one.

Hailey:"Okay....I need you to take a deep breathe and promise not to do anything stupid"She said making me look at her and raise my eyebrow.

Y/n:"It depends"I said making her sigh.


Y/n:"Hailey I'm here to listen and if it isn't bad I wont do anything stupid so could you just please tell whats going on"I said making her take a deep breathe and nod.

Hailey:"We-He-"She kept on stumbling with words making me kneel in front of her and grab her hands and intertwine them with mine.

Y/n:"Babe its okay...just take your time"I said trying to clam her down"You don't have to rush....I'll wait"I said making her nod. She closed her eyes and then opened it again. I looked in her eyes and saw something I haven't seem in her eyes ever. Fear.

Hailey:"The night of the MET Gala...when Justin and I... Hooked up"She said making me clench my jaw but nod"We went back to his place and had a few drinks...."She said taking a deep breathe and trying to hold back tears making me frown"I can't remember Y/n"She said making me look at her confused while the girls came to comfort her. They guys had pissed of expressions on their faces. He wouldn't dare.

Y/n:"What do you me you don't remember?"I asked hopping this was some sick joke and that my thoughts were wrong. She looked at me and sobbed as I gripped her hand a little tighter.

Hailey:"After the drinks....I can't remember Y/n. I don't remember anything and when I woke up the next day I was confused and-and"She broke down again as I stayed there shocked.

Y/n:"Hailey are you telling me that he drugged you and forced himself on you?"I asked clenching my jaw as she cried harder. She looked at me and threw herself in my arms making me hug her back.

Hailey:"Y-y/n....I-I-"I cut her off by kissing her forehead and shushing her. I looked inside and saw him talking with a few people making me see red.

Gigi:"Y/n"She said in a warning tone making me clench my jaw.

Y/n:"Kendall take Hailey from me"I said making them frown.


Y/n:"Take her"I said sternly making them take Hailey from me. Hailey looked at me and shook her head.

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