Ginny Weasley x Female reader

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You were standing in the stands of the quiddich pitch and you saw it almost in slow motion. Harry had crashed into one of the pillars and fell. It looked from up here like he had hurt his arm. You saw Ginny run over first as you felt a little jealousy boom in your heart. As sorry as you felt for Harry your jealousy of the boy was strong. You saw them taking him off the playing field and with a mix of emotions you followed your friends Hermione and Ron to the medical wing.
(Time skip)

You were sitting in the commons when Ginny ran up to you. Gryffindor had a game tomorrow against Slytherin and it was obvious nobody was backing out. "Y/N, I need you to do a favor for me" .
You looked at her "Yes?". She looked at you with her usual disposition of determination. "I need you to be seeker for the Slytherin game, I don't wanna lose against them and I know you've done some broom stick riding." You looked at her a bit shocked but also excited. "Ginny I'm not sure if I'm good enough for th-" she stopped you by putting one finger on your lips. Your face turned bright red and you turned your head not noticing the equally dark blush on her freckled face. "You'll do me."

(Time skip to game time, LEMME SEE YOUR WAR FACE :3)

You could feel your blood rushing though your veins. The loud cheer of the crowd excited you but also got to your nerves. The Gryffindor team was preparing to fly out in just 5 minutes and you weren't sure if you were ready. You and Ginny had trained all afternoon but you were distracted a lot. I mean how could you not be with that beautiful being near you. You prayed you wouldn't get lost in her eyes while getting hit by a bludger. Ginny walked up to you. "Stop letting your nerves get the best of you Y/N, you'll do amazing."
Lee Jordan called the team out and you all flew out with a loud cheer from the crowd (Same with Slytherin but a lot more boo's). The game started without a hitch and soon it was 100-200 with Slytherin in the lead. Then you saw it, the golden snitch. Unlucky for you Mr.Draco Malfoy saw it the second you did and you both rushed after it. It was about an arms length away from you when Draco bumped into you almost sending you flying. Draco was just about to catch it when you pulled off a corkscrew spin and snatched it from (literally) under his nose. A huge roar from all sides except Slytherin rang out with the final score being 250-200 Gryffindor. Ginny flew up to you "YOU DID IT Y/N!!!". "I guess I-" then she cut you off with the warmth of her lips. You really hoped you wouldn't get a detention considering the whole school saw.   Not that you minded.


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