Protective Part 1.

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The drive to Ken's place was quite and peaceful. I could tell both of us were thinking of the events that took place tonight. Words could not explain how happy I am right now cause I finally got the girl of my dreams back and I'm not gonna lose her. I can't lose her. We arrived at Ken's place and I hopped out the car and went to her side to open the door.

Y/n:"Princess"I said opening the door for her making her giggle and hop out. I intertwined our hands and walked to the door opening it and walking to the living room to see everyone watching a movie. As soon as they saw us they woke up and dragged us away from each other"Guys!"I said as the dragged me outside.

Zayn:"How was it?"He asked as he sat me down near the fireplace. I looked at them and shook my head.

Y/n:"You guys couldn't wait could you...."I said making them nod.

Tyga:" what happened?"He asked making a small smile appear on my face.

Y/n:"Nothing much....we had a nice time and the food was really good and not to mention we kissed and the-"

Taco:"Back the fuck up"He said cutting me off and smirking"You two kissed?"He asked making me smile and blush a little.

Y/n:"Only a little...."I said making them laugh.

Abel:"Highly doubt that"He said between laughs making me chuckle and sit back sighing. I looked up at the sky and felt happy for once...after a really long time.

Y/n:"Tonight was amazing guys. It was so good to finally get to spend some quality time with her and just be us....I missed us a lot and everything about tonight just made me feel happy again. I feel like I have something to look forward to again"I said making them smile and hug me. I was surprised and hugged them back"What's this for?"I asked as they pulled away.

Zayn:"Its just nice to see you happy again"He said making me smile and nod. We talked a little and then waked back to the house and saw the girls busy talking while Hailey sat quietly blushing. I sat next to her and put my arm around her shoulder and put my face in her neck kissing it a little.

Y/n:"Hmm...hey"I mumbled making her giggle.

Hailey:"Hey"She mumbled back making me smile and kiss it once more. I sat in that position for a while and sighed pulling away.

Y/n:"Well, I should go guys....I have a long day tomorrow and I'm sure you all are tired so I'm gonna go"I said making them all groan.

Kendall:"Can't you stay!"She said making me chuckle.

Y/n:"I would love to but I need fresh clothes and I miss my bed"I said making them all pout. They all looked at me and smiled while Hailey just laughed a little and looked down.

Bella:"Can we stay by you?"She asked making me laugh. They all looked at me confused.

Y/n:"Why are you even asking me? You'll are always welcome"I said making them all smile in victory"Just grab some clothes and stuff and then come to my place"I said making them all nod.

Kendall:"I'll come with Taco since he has to pick some stuff can take Hailey to her place and then we can meet back at yours"She said making me nod.

Y/n:"Oh also pack something nice for tomorrow for the release party"I said making them nod. I looked at Hailey and motioned for the door"Come on... Lets go"I said making her get up and grab my hand walking out the door.

Hailey:"You know I knew they were gonna do that"She said as we were driving to her place. I chuckled and shrugged.

Y/n:"I don't mind it....I like spending time with you'll"I said making her smile and kiss my cheek.

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