trying to find love!!!

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X rated scenes
Cassie dropped her towel after pushing Seth down roughly on the bed. Seth's eyes went wide as he stare at Cassie who was laying next to him naked. He pulled his shirt off and his shorts as fast as he could. He got on top of Cassie and kissed her deeply as she wrapped her arms around his neck. Ringg ringg. Seth shot up from the kiss and try looking for the phone that went off. He grabbed the phone and turned it off and kissed Cassie again

Cassie smiled and pulled him closer as the phone rang again."Don't worry about that Seth focus on me"  Seth took off his boxers. Cassie slowly move her hands down his back as he push inside her hard. She yelled his name as he thrusted into her harder each time. Seth kissed her breasts and she dug her nails into his back with each thrust from him. "Dont sttoopp Seth-ok Cassie if you say so". He thrusted into her hard as someone knock on the door. "umm yes(catches her breath)-Cass its Ethan you ok-ye(he thrusted hard into her again)ah imm fine i caaaallll youu later (she run her finger down Seth's cheek)-ok babe bye". The two look at each other and kissed hard as he came and and got up.

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