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One thing is for sure is that I had a really good night sleep last night, nothing of Tyler consumed my head but a smugged face with piercing brown eyes did. I can't put a the pieces together of who I deamt about but that was the least of my worries today. Today I had to face my mom and tell her Tyler bailed on us and wouldn't be able to make it. Like he said, we probably would be better off without his company but there deep inside me wishes he would show up with roses, proving my mom wrong... proving me wrong.

Ever since Tyler has quit hanging out with me, I find myself more and more listening to music to soothe my troubled thoughts and basically rock out to people who I find utterly amazing. I used to listen to a pop-punk playlist for about 30 minutes a day, here and there type stuff. Now, if I'm not paying attention to my family and I'm looked up into my room, I could go on and on with my music. I've been trying out a lot of new music lately, most of the bands I have heard before but haven't gotten the chance to listen to. They're all around the post-hardcore genre which shouldn't bug me that much. With each minute passin, I'm starting to like it even more than I usually do. Giving the opportunity that I have more time on my hand sine Tyler isn't around much to consume my time. Somehow I feel like I should be thanking him for giving me more time to listen to my bands.

Rocking out, I close out of the music app to find something else to do while listening to music, and my fingers automatically take me to my Instagram. I'm starting to think I'm becoming more and more addicted as each day passes. Hopefully I don't end up like Juile, or my mom. Or basically the whole population it seems like. Whenever I open up my Instagram app it took me straight to where I left it last night, on that photo of him. I'm not really sure what I should do but I think I'm allowed to look at his profile by now. He uploaded a new photo by the looks of it and already my finger is clicking away to bring it up. He's looking to the right and this one you can see a whole lot more of his tattoo's. My mind drifts off to what those tattoo's say. Why did he get them? How meaningful are they? Which one was his favorite? Does he plan on anymore? Then I look at his face, seeing his facial hair and how he has one of the most darling smiles I have ever seen on someone, but then I notice something more cute. A mole? Hm. A mole happens to be placed right there on his right cheek and for some reason I think it is absolutely adorable. Travling my eyes down I find another tattoo on his neck and one behind his ear. Wow, I never thought I would find someone so att-

"Addison. Don't forget the movies are tonight, and we are leaving in an hour so be ready. Make sure Tyler knows, because if we are late because of him I will not be happy."

Looking up quickly from my phone I see my mom at the door with the most annoyed look on her face of the mentioning of Tyler. It takes a moment for me to reply back to her but I finally do.

"Tyler isn't coming. I don't know why and I really don't care as of right now."

Her expression lit up a bit and she replied short with "Good." and closed my door before re-opening it and saying "Don't forget, an hour."

When we arrived to the theater we got in line for tickets to see "Avatar." The movies are separated by movies but the food court was in one big center along with the bathrooms. Feeling the need to relieve myself I let my mom pay for the tickets as I went to find the restrooms. Seeing it in eye view I head over there but whenever I am almost to the door, I see the next movie area for the movie "Survivor" and not only that but I see Tyler. Along with his group of friends. Forgetting my bladder I went over to Tyler and he noticed before I got into his group and he met me half way.

"I'm so sorry, I kinda switched plans and got free so went with-"

"No, Tyler" I laugh a bit. "No. I am done with you and this whole little game. You told me we would not be one of those stupid highschool couples, and here we are. You ditched me to come hang out with a group of friends who could probably give two shits about you! Here I am! Caring! But no, you don't seem to notice that anymore. I hope your crap group of friends can care for you more than I can because looks like you'll need a whole lot of it." With that, I walk away with a tear in my eye but quickly swallow it away and not let them see the best of me.

Was he gonna follow after me? ...He has to.

With no sign of my screaming name, or no sign of shoes coming after me, I finally realized this was it.

This was the it of our relationship.

I texted my mom and told her I was gonna go ahead and take my car home since we came into two cars because she had stuff to do afterwards and I was just going to go straight home after the movies. Looks like I can go ahead and just go back to what I'm about used to now. My bedroom.

I called Juile to let her know that I finally ended things with Tyler and she was beyond stoked and happy for me knowing I could do so much better in the long run. I thanked her and we rambled on and on about her day has been and the past few days since I have been ignoring her for the most part and dwelling on my problems. After a few hours it was getting late and before getting off the phone,

"Are you sure you're going to be okay dear?"

"Yeah, I will be fine. I knew it was gonna happen like this." I choke on a sob but shove it back once again.

"Alright. If you need me or anything, let me know. Goodnight."


With that I hung up the phone and let all my tears and sobs take over my body and mind. I felt like I needed one good cry tonight. I need this to go. Luckily for me, the crying didn't last long an I actually found myself feeling a tad bit better. I know I needed to suck it up and put on my big girl panties and get over someone who just wasn't worth it anymore. He has changed and I cannot do anything about it but give him his space. Holding my head up high, I look down at my cellphone and go straight to Instagram, right where I left off once again. On his profile.

This time, I click on the comment box and type "I wish I knew what all your tattoo's said and what they were about. Maybe one day." and I click enter with a slight grin on my face.

I put in my headphones, and lay my phone beside my pillow, while falling asleep to Kellin's voice.

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