6. There's No "I" in "Team"

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6. #TeamBuildingTuesday

June 6th

Challenge: Tell the world which Wattpadders make up your team of 6 (not including you) and why.

People who could rush through a z-pocalypse with me? 

First, I'd drag along my @WattZombie pals:

@AngusEcrivain , @Silva-Knight , and thetempered

Then, I'd take some of my WP besties who are weird (in the best way), much like me:

@SoullessDaydream , @Holly_Gonzalez , and benjammies

Together, we'd survive Walking Dead style (meaning we'd go through a bunch of trials and tribulations, only to create one home, then see it destroyed, try again but same thing happens, then create something badass with semi-permanence, only to see that threatened too. Whew). I know on my own I'd last about an hour :D

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