Car Troubles

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To say the ride home was awkward would be a huge understatement. He took his Mercedes instead of the limo, so we sat closely next to one another- much to my dismay.

He sat on the other side of the back seat, his legs spread out, leaning his head against the head rest.

I was leaning against the window on the other side, the cool glass hitting against the warmth of my cheek.

"I wasn't pleased with your work tonight." His tone was disheartening and filled with more acid than the deep, velvet it usually held.

Then again he was always showing me the disdain he felt from my very presence.

I inhaled a sharp breath and gripped onto the leather of the seat, peering down my eyelashes I could see the whites of my knuckles.

"How so?" I spoke quietly, but enough for him to hear.

I could feel him shuffle in his seat but dared not to look in his direction, in fear of falling under that darkening glare of his.

"I don't want you going anywhere near Elray." He demanded.

"What?" I furrowed my brows at my hands and twiddled them around, not knowing what he was getting at, what was so wrong in that?

"Look at me when I talk to you."

I bit on my bottom lip and looked up towards the driver. Luckily he had a screen installed, both sound and vision proof, then again I wouldn't even want to know why he even had it there.

I shuddered at the sudden gesture, his hand grabbed my own that I had been clenching and forcibly turned me around so I was now mere inches from his hard, stoic face.

His nostrils flared and blew a few curls around my face. I watched his Adam's apple motion as he licked down on his long lips, his eyes snaring me down like the lost prey that I was.

"What are you doing Mr. Fontaine?" I searched his face with my fazed eyes, though the darkness around us from the night sky did little to show me what he was feeling.

"Call me Darius my," he sighed and narrowed his eyes, "my father is Mr. Fontaine." He clenched his jaw and rubbed his thumb gently over my cheek.

I opened my mouth and let a tiny breath out-hopefully it didn't stink- I could feel my heartbeat rise as he hovered his fingertip over my made up lips.

"W-why don't you want me to see Xavier?"

My eyes widened at his behaviour, his free hand took me by the waist and had me on his lap.

"What are you doing, let me go!" I insisted and squirmed through his grasp.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you, especially where you're sitting." He smirked and pointed a finger downstairs.

I felt the heat rush to my face and stopped moving, "can you then," I cleared my throat and pushed my hair back, "allow me to sit next to you rather than on you."

"I make the decisions here." He replied with a playful smile dancing on his dark lips.

"Oh I forgot," I rolled my eyes, "you pretty much own me."

"Well I'm glad you know your place with me." He inhaled sharply and leaned back, all the while he peered through his vine like lashes, down at me and wandering over my body.

"I'm not an object, Mr-Darius!" I gritted down on my teeth and blew out a sigh.

"Really?" He mocked and arched his dark brows in amusement. He leaned forward once again and bent his head down to reach my ears, "and here I thought you were only allowed to come to such a lavish party and dressed to the nines because of the contract I made for you." His wispy tone tickled against my skin, a jolt of energy making its way to the pits of my stomach.

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