Chapter 1: The Beginning

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Baby Butler

Chapter 1: The Beginning

Ciel Phantomhive can’t fathom why his inhumanly perfect butler is late for his morning wake up call. Searching the manor, Ciel ends up in Sebastian’s room. The Earl finds himself staring face-to-face with a raven-haired, crimson-eyed demon baby.


Ciel sat up and rubbed sleep out of his eyes.  The curtains were still closed and judging by the amount of light filming through the dark fabric, it was probably around mid-day. Sebastian hadn’t come to wake up Ciel.

“Sebastian!” Ciel called again, louder this time. There was no answer, only the sound of Ciel’s soft breathing and birds faintly chirping outside.

Strange, Sebastian is never late giving me my morning tea, never mind waking me up in general, thought the young Earl.

With a scowl on his face, Ciel Phantomhive slipped out of bed and proceeded to attempt at dressing himself. He had succeeded in properly putting on his shorts, jacket, eye patch, socks and shoes, but the white cotton shirt that was under the jacket was still undone and the garters for his socks were missing.

“Bloody buttons,” he muttered to himself, trying to match the correct button to the correct hole. It was much harder than it looked, especially with only one usable eye. “How does Sebastian do this so quickly every morning?” The Earl settled with the excuse of the speed being from Sebastian’s demonic abilities and not for the fact that the boy lacked the ability to dress himself.

Ciel totally skipped over the garters that held up his navy socks, not wanting to fail at another simple task, and put on his family’s blue diamond ring and the gold Phantomhive crested ring. The thirteen-year-old quickly got tired of his worse than satisfactory job at clothing himself and decided to go search out his tardy butler. Ciel headed down the hall, peeking into every room along the way.

Maybe he’s in his bedroom? Ciel thought, after finding no sign of his butler on either side of the upper floor.

So the Earl carefully traveled downstairs, hoping not to run into any of the other servants looking like he did. He’d be utterly embarrassed.

Upon making it to Sebastian’s quarters in the servant’s area, Ciel knocked on the heavy wood door. Receiving no answer, he called out Sebastian’s name. This time he heard something coming from the closed room. It was a soft sound, barely reaching the young Earl’s ears. Ciel’s brow furrowed, trying to make sense of the sound through the thick wood.

Having no luck in figuring out the source of the noise, Ciel slowly opened the door a crack and peered inside.

Sebastian’s bedroom was completely clean and empty of everything besides a couple decorative pieces of furniture and a couple pairs of the dark butler assemble Ciel usually saw Sebastian wearing. Ciel knew that Sebastian spent little time in this room but the space held no smell of dust or muskiness that was often found in undisturbed rooms. Ciel’s dark blue gaze moved across the room, looking for any sign of Sebastian hastily leaving his sleeping quarters or even someone breaking in. The Earl couldn’t think of a reason why either of those things would happen, but he searched regardless. The window was shut and in one piece and the adjoined bathroom was dark. No signs of a fight or even quick leaving, Ciel was just peeking into an empty room. Or was it truly empty?

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