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I was tagged by : cxshtxncuddles

Type of phone:

iPhone 4 (ancient I know)

Your crush:

Oh he's just amazing. He has these beautiful hazel eyes and curly hair. His giggle could cure cancer and lights up the room. Did I mention he plays the drums? He also part of a band. * sighs dreamily* He's perfect.

Your birthday:

August 29th

Your best friends:

lilyhorn02 _Genshai_

Favourite song:

Just look at the previous chapter, if I start I'll never stop

Biggest fear:

People leaving me

Hair colour:

Like a dark brown sorta colour

Favourite subject:

I'd have to say Italian

Favourite sport:

AFL Footy (Australian football league)

I tag


You guys don't have to do this I just needed people to tag

Hope you enjoyed!

-Lauren ❤️💛💚💙💜

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