My...Stepbrother? {24}

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                As soon as Davey’s fist collided with my face, I knew I was screwed. I bit my lip to hold back a cry of pain. Davey hit me in the face again and the two boys holding my arms laughed.

                “Hit him harder Davey! Knock the gay out of him,” Greg sneered.

                “That is not physically possi- oomph!” I choked as he hit me in the stomach. Dammit. This was so not my idea of a fun time.

                “Let. Him. Go.”

                The voice was calm and so vicious that even I shuddered. Davey’s fist dropped back to his side instantly and unease entered his eyes. He spun to face Trace and his eyes widened in terror.

                Trace and Zeke were glaring in pure fury. “I said: Let him go,” Trace snarled dangerously, taking a step towards us.

                Greg and the other guy instantly released me and backed up in fear. “Hey now guys, we were just messing around with him,” Greg said nervously.

                “So if I punch you so hard that I could knock your teeth out and break your nose, that would be considered ‘messing around’?” Zeke asked, his voice scaring me.

                “Trace!” Juliet cried, her eyes watering again.

                “You fucking bitch. I dump you, so you get these homophobic dicks to beat up my stepbrother? He left a note saying he would be here shooting, so Zeke and I decide to come practice with him and this is what we find,” Trace snapped, storming over and grabbing my arm. He pulled me over to Zeke.

                Zeke’s fists were clenched tightly. His eyes flashed and filled with hate and disgust. “Why do you have to give Kory trouble? Huh?” he demanded.

                Trace released my arm and the same hate and disgust filled his eyes. Oh dear. This wasn’t going to go over well.

                “Why can’t we be friends?” I sang, trying to sound casual. But I was beginning to panic on the inside. I didn’t want this to turn into a fight.

                “Because he’s a faggot!” Davey snapped and regret exploded in his eyes as Zeke jumped at him and tackled him to the ground, letting his fists fly forward.

                “Leave him alone!” Zeke cried furiously as Davey tried to fight him off.

                Trace went to jump at the other two, but I grabbed his arm. “Don’t! Calm Zeke down! Please!” I begged before releasing his arm.

                Trace sighed in annoyance before dragging Zeke off of Davey. Davey shakily got to his feet, his eye already turning black and a bruise forming on his cheek.

                “Davey. Greg. Mikey. Juliet. Get out of here and never get near Kory again. I won’t stop Zeke or myself next time,” Trace said flatly, his voice ice cold.

                Mikey raised his hands and shook his head. “Hey Trace, I didn’t even know he was your stepbrother. They,” He jerked his thumb at Davey and Juliet, “told me he was fucking with you, Zeke, and Sammy.”

                “I didn’t fuck with anyone! I’m a virgin!” I whined.

                “Fine. Whatever Mikey. Davey, you, Greg, and Juliet get out of here before we kick your sorry asses,” Trace growled.

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