Chapter 9

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[All of the Add's POV]

"What do you mean the mask? I thought you were supposed to be a genius but that is beyond magic"-LP

"I know! but irrefutable proof lead me to the said conclusion"-MM

"But wait how'd you know about Luto?"-DiE

"So you know Luto?"-MM

"Glave told me about him but not too much, only that he was a victim of Henir"-DiE

"Hmph he told me that too, hey spiky-haired man got anything to say?"-MM

"I never asked or cared about Glave, only getting the core of Eve in hope of improving my Nasod Armor"-LP

"It's pretty obvious because your Nasod armor is the most advance one I'd seen and let me's the secret of your buff appearance"-DiE

"Nope. This Nasod armor focuses on Violent Electric Outbursts so it kinda made my hair spiky and electrocuted my body to this level."-LP

"Anyway it's better if you ask Gla- no Luto himself"-MM

"So how do I even get out of this dimension?"-DiE

"You should...."-MM

[Glave's POV]

Damn the Nasod Inspector, Bone Dragon and Alterisea type-H had already fallen. Add HUrry up and come here already

"So how long will these monsters last?"

Apostasia was in an isolated space preventing damage intake but also disabling his offensive ability 

"Long enough until the Esper gets here"

"Esper? I will make him see the end of the world"

"We shall see"

"Hmph Abyss! then Death's Dance!"

Oh Add hurry up

[DiE's POV]

"I should what?"-DiE

"Well you must intake our essence"-MM

"What do you mean?"-LP and DiE

"Because the dark Ain interfered with an another dimension being he will merge all the dimensions and end all of them at the same time, that's why you must take our essences to become stronger and perform Eternal Paranoia"-MM

"Wait isn't someone's essence another term for someone's life?"-LP




"SHUT UP! Hey what's Eternal Paranoia?"-DiE

"As you know your Paranoia lasts about 5 secs in total and each second damages and destroys space itself but with the Eternal Paranoia you can make it last longer and overpower another space distortions."-MM

"Overpower? Oh right a space distortion can be countered by another distortion and Dark Ain's power is above mine so this IS essential"-DiE



"His power isn't enough to perform the said skill"-MM

"Ugh all my life of research is about to be wasted"-LP

"Stop whining"-MM

"But wait distorting space and manipulating time comes at a cost and it's impossible that Eternal Paranoia is something I can just use with abundant magic power so what's the catch and how do you know this while I don't?!"-DiE

"Glave told be about this and the cost he said was your life"-MM

"WHAT?! But doesn't that mean that when I use it I will die instantly?"-DiE

"I think so"-MM

"I have seal of time and it can remove the cost for the Eternal Paranoia"-DiE 

Suddenly the room in Henir  where we're in was cracking and was falling apart

"Ugh this is such a drag"-LP

"Yea tell me about it"-MM

Both of them were holding an orb of magic in their hand but it was shining with power and I can feel the power was very strong on each of them

"We leave it to you now"-LP


They both threw the orb to my chest and they started to vanish

"By the way say hi to Ara for me"-LP

"And greet Eve for me will ya?"-MM

"Wait does that spikes like Ara and Lab Coat likes Eve so I must like.....Elesis"-DiE

 "Yeah now do your job and save everyone!"-LP

They both gave me a fist pump and they both completely vanished then I found myself in tears as I was falling and I felt Glave's power but it's different in a way. Don't worry guys I'll defeat Ain!

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