Victoria's Secret

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I squirmed helplessly in the knot and tangles of the sheets that my body had created through the night. A low monstrous grunt exceeded from my mouth and I groaned in protest at the sun's light slithering it's way in through the cracks where the curtain didn't shield the window.

I didn't know what time I passed out at, but by the looks of The Last Song being rested next to me on the king size bed, I hadn't gotten the strength to get up and put it on the nightstand.

I knew by the echo of the littlest noise that came from the living room that I was the only one awake at the brisk time of 8:30 A.M, not being surprised at all, I leaned up and fought my body from collapsing back down on the soft heaven I called the bed.

Swinging my legs over the side, I pulled my shorts down so they weren't giving me an unpleasant wedgie. I had already decided what I was going to do today, and it already brought a smile to my face as I predicted the day exactly how I wanted it. Just me and the Bahamas, shopping and spending the money I had saved up from my job as an assistant to a snappy, conceited jerk that worked as a magazine editor.

My feet shivered from the cold marble that tiled on the kitchen floor, not giving my attention to the three boy's out cold on the couches in the living room. I began making coffee, taking a few seconds out of my time to look at how Ryan and Chaz had changed since I last saw them.

Of course, they had changed in muscle, but Chaz also grew a little stache that could also resemble peach fuzz. Ryan had a buzz cut and not his old shaggy brown locks that girls would swoon over in grade twelve when he whooshed it to the side. And Justin, well, he too had become more gorgeous and captivating. He was now way taller and very well built, his face clean and shaved and his hair was still the same as it was when he left grade ten.

The coffee timer beeped, making me immediately snap out of my daydream. I grabbed my coffee cup and took a sip, cringing at how hot it was.

“Hey Parv,” Ryan said with a warm smile.

He looked overly tired and I was questioning what time he went to bed at.

“Good morning,” I said with an enthusiastic smile.

He groaned, sliding off the couch with a thud.

I scurried over to him, looking at him in a displeased manner. “Oh gosh, what time did those girls keep you up till?”

He thought for a few moments, running his hand over his bald scalp.

“5.. 6.. no, 7.” He answered, shaking his head like a mindless bafoon.

I laughed, shaking my head at the thought of staying up so late— fun while it's happening, horrible when you wake up.

“Well, I'm gonna go shopping today!” I said cheerfully, “and seeing your condition I doubt you will be tagging along, so, I guess I'm going single.”

“No,” a voice rose up, making me almost spill the hot steaming coffee that was within the cup.

“Um.. uh..” I blabbered out in discomfort of Justin's early arrival from sleep.

I switched my eyes from Ryan's gracious smile, a look of pleased and friendliness exceeding his facial features.

“What do you say, can I come, Parvati?” Justin spoke up again, slanting his head to the side to see the full effect of his puppy dog eyes that made your knee's buckle and heart flutter.

“I.. well, if you bug me, I'll.. be mad,” I said, my voice pitching it's shift because of his tongue grazing his bottom lip.

He swayed up and stretched, his biceps becoming large and envious.

“Don't worry, Parv, I won't bug you, aslong as you make a stop at Victoria's Secret..”

The wink he managed to angle out sent me hotheaded.

Sick, perverted, son of a bitch!

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