African Love-Chapter 7

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Here is the seventh part enjoy!

Chapter 7

Whoa I wake up in my bed. I turn around and look at the clock. It's 2:00 am, It's saturday morning. Was that a dream. It was like it really happened. I know it didn't because when I got out of speech class Valarie picked me up and we did have Chinese, but Tristan wasn't in the car with us. I got out of bed to go to the bathroom and I was really reluctant because I didn't know if he could here me us the bathroom. But, I really had to go.

I opened the door and used the toilet. When I was finished I went to wash my hands. Before I opened my side of the bathroom door Tristan came in and started to use the bathroom. Ew

"Um..You can't wait til someone leaves?"

"Can you leave then"

"I was but then you came in"

"Then go I don't want you in here"

I rolled my eyes at him. Douche

I walked out and got back in the bed. I tossed and turned in my bed wondering why I had that horrid dream. I know I keep talking about it but it was like I felt every part of that kiss. Weird. I fell asleep thinking about what I was going to do in a couple of hours.

I woke up at 10:00 to the smell of breakfast cooking. I walked downstairs to say good morning to everyone.

"Hey, there you are hungry?" Valarie said setting the table for everyone.

"Yes starved!" I said back with a smile.

"OK, well can you wake everyone up for me so we can all eat together"

"Yea sure"

I walked upstairs and went to Jake's room and opened the door. He was snoring slightly and hanging halfway off his bed. I went up to him and bent down on his bed.

"Hey..Jake it's time for breakfast. Your mom wanted me to tell you to come down"

"I'm coming" He said talking into his pillow

I then went to Sarah's room and she was sleeping peacefully with her sleeping mask on

"Hey!....Sarah breakfast time come downstairs" I said pulling the sheets off her

"OK I'm coming good luck waking up Tristan" she said getting out of bed making her way downstairs

"Thanks?" I said confused

I went over to Tristan's room and opened the door finding that he wasn't in his room. I then went to open the bathroom door to find him in my room again.

"Hey, why can't you stay out of my room for once!" I said walking to my room through the bathroom

"Hey you do know that this is my house right?"

"Yea, but this is my get out. Oh, and Valarie wants you to come down for breakfast"

"Yea no thanks I'll pass" He said still sitting in my chair

"OK but can you please get out. I'm getting sick of you invading my privacy"

He stood up and walked out shoving me with his shoulder.

He has real issues


I walked downstairs and sat down next to Jake and Valarie.

"So, how did everyone sleep?" Jeffry asked

"I slept amazing!" Valarie said looking at Jeffry

"OK ewww" Sarah said

I laughed in the middle while everyone was getting grossed out. I think it's a beautiful thing for a husband and wife to be sensual once in a while. I looked up and Jake was playing with his food. I think Tristan saw me and told him to stop. I glanced at him. Why is he so mean to his family. And I thought he said he wasn't coming down for breakfast?

Jeffry told everyone that he was going away on a business trip and that he wouldn't be back for a couple of days. Tristan looked at his dad and starred at him. Jeffry looked at him like he didn't care. Tristan then got up from the table and went back to his room.

"Tristan!" Jeffry yelled

"Don't worry about it hon" Valarie said

"I think I'll go pack"

He got up from his seat and we all finished our food. When we got done Sarah and Jake had to do the dishes. They whined but soon did what they were supposed to do. Valarie told me that she was going to work and that she wouldn't be back til nine. I was supposed to be here all by myself because Jake had soccer practice then he was going to sleep over at a friends house and so was Sarah. So I had to be stuck with Tristan.


"Can you reschedule please!" I begged

"I can't I was already out for a week and I have to get back to the hospital"

"Fine...but what am I supposed to do?"

"I don't know go swimming, bring a friend over...whatever just don't be so lonely"

"Ok, bye"


She left and then Jeffry had to take the kids to their destination then be on his way.

"Bye guys"


"Hey all the emergency numbers are on the fridge if you need it"

"OK, thanks see you later"



Ending it here wait for next week for some funniness!


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