Chapter 17

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Exactly three days before Gara and Jake leaves. Gara drives Winona to Bicol to visit the Winona's parents before they go to Malaysia.

Gara has to leave ahead because Winona's parents requested her to stay for a few more days before she leaves.

Gara drives herself alone from Bicol to Manila.  She misses the long drive. It was when Andrew left when she last drives alone from Manila to Ilokos. Now she has another encounter with Andrew she is having a long drive alone again and she could not understand herself why there was an urge for her do it.

Even if Gara hits the road early she still encounters heavy traffic due to numerous road repairs in Naga and Quezon. Since it was passing eight in the evening and also raining, she is having a hard time seeing the road.   She decided to just check-in the first hotel that she'll see and leave early morning the next day. The first hotel that she tries to check-in was fully booked, as well as in the second and third hotel. When she is about to enter the fourth hotel she got a flat tire. She tooks her phone to call home but only to find that it is not in her bag.

She got so frustrated but still manages to walks in to the hotel.

She was happy to see that the receptionist is only attending to one guest unlike the three previous hotels.

"Miss, I need a single room. Overnight lang naman please. And can you also please help me with my car, I got a flat tire dyan lang sa may entrance nyo" she told the receptionist

"I'm sorry ma'am, pero nakuha na po yung last available room" The receptionist replied

"Can you please double check, pang-apat na kasing 'tong hotel na pinuntahan ko eh, lahat fully booked" Gara replied

"Long weekend po kasi Ma'am kaya fully booked talaga yung nga hotel" the receptionist explained.

"Ok I understand, pwede bang paki tulungan na lang ako dun sa kotse ko? Hindi ako makakahanap ng ibang hotel kung flat tire ako" Gara said

"Pasensya na po ma'am, medyo malayo po ang talyer dito. Yung mekaniko naman po namin dito sa hotel, kanina pa po nakauwi at bukas pa ng umaga ang balik" the receptionist said

Gara's frustration increases "Pwede bang dito na lang ako maghintay sa lobby nyo hanggang umaga? Impossible na kasi talagang makaalis ako" Gara pleaded

"No problem po ma'am. Kung gusto nyo naman po, pakiusapan nyo po yung guest na kumuha nung last room. Mukha naman pong mabait eh at saka mukhang gusto lang naman talaga nyang magpatila lang ng ulan" The receptionist suggested

"Talaga? Nasaan sya?" Gara asked

"Bumaba lang po sa parking, kukunin daw po yung gamit nya" the receptionist replied

"Sige, try ko rin. Hintayin ko na lang sya dito sa lobby. Maraming salamat miss" Gara said

"You're welcome ma'am" the receptionist replied. Gara sat on the sofa in the lobby to wait for the guest the receptionist was referring to. She is so desperate to get a room, her travel from Legaspi to Quezon is indeed very tiring and the last thing she wants to do now is to rest on a much comfortable bed.

After a while, the receptionist calls on Gara "Ma'am nandito na po yung guest" she said. Gara quickly stands up to talk to the guest

"Andrew???" Gara exclaimed

"Gara, anong ginagawa mo dito?" Andrew asked

"Magkakilala po kayo?" the receptionist asked and they both nodded

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