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Dillon POV

I couldn't focus on anything as I got into my car. I angrily slammed my fist against the steering wheel and started it up. I could barely see straight I was so angry.

My mind flashed back to my childhood.


He was such an easy target to mess with in school, so everyone picked on him. But he had to just come for me? Of all people? Me? And he had to do it through Cait?!

She doesn't deserve any of this!

As I pulled out my driveway I turned to look for Cait and my heart softened as I saw her watching me leave.

I immediately stopped in the street and got out the car, walking towards her.

"Cait, come with me." I said.

"I don't know if that will be a good idea." She said. She looked cold and sad and my first instinct was to protect her with all I had.

"I need you here with me Cait. We can stop him together." I wrapped my arm around her and she nodded. We walked to the car and she slipped into the passenger street.

"Are you ready?" I asked, looking at her.

"Yes. But... you aren't actually going to kill him are you?" she asked. God, she was so... innocent almost.

"Maybe. Maybe not." I smirked.

Jeez, just a moment ago I was angrier than ever, and now Cait has got me drooling and smiling over her?!

I turned towards the wheel, remembering how angry I was, remembering how Nathan took advantage of the most beautiful girl. How could he do that? He threw her away like a piece of trash.

"Let's go." I said staring straight ahead at the road. "Where does this scum bag live?"

"What if he's not home?" Cait asked me.

"We'll wait until he gets there."

"We don't even have a plan."

"We're killing him right?"


I chuckled.

She told me where his house was located as I sped up my car speed.

Cait POV

"But forreal, we don't have a plan." I looked up at him and watched his toned facial features. His jaw was locked in place and he was biting his lip, probably an angry gesture.

He just shrugged.

He looks very, very attractive when he is angry.

We got to Nathan's house and I noticed his bedroom light was on.

"Okay, I'll call Nathan, and trick him into coming out here. You're going to wait by your car while I talk to him for a second. I'll give you a signal when to come out. Park you car down the street." I ordered. I don't know were this sudden urge of confrontation came from but I was really ready to show Nathan that he is not the all mighty god that can make people follow his rules and ruin them.

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