Collecting Your Jar Of Hearts

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And who do you think you are, running around leaving scars and collecting your jar of hearts?

Jar of Hearts - Christina Perri

We had gone swimming for a little bit, well, they did and I walked around at the shore where the waves gently caressed my feet soothingly. At that point in time all three of them had met girls and they decided that heading back to the hotel room would be fun. I was most definitely the third wheel, in this case the seventh wheel, to be precise. 

We walked up the road back to the hotel and as we walked I felt the awkward conversations between them, mindlessly bantering about none sense that they didn't include me in. I was used too it, so I played with the hem of my shorts fumblingly. 

“You look nervous,” Justin nudged me, moving away from the blonde bimbo he was once talking too.

“Not nervous, just.. thinking,” I admitted with pursed lips.

“About what?”

I looked up at him with slits as eyes.

“Look, you don't need to keep me company, go have fun with the guys, I don't mind,” I mumbled, looking down at my flip flops that I purchased at a local drugstore in Toronto. I had brought money and tomorrow I was planning on pampering myself to the full extent. 

Ryan, Chaz, Justin and the girls opened the hotel room door and I followed slowly behind. The girls squealed, touching everything, looking at everything but the view. I scoffed and rolled my eyes, looking over at the clock that hung on the beige walls. 9:00 PM? Time flies by! I rummaged through my suitcases and got out a pair of gray shorts that had the material of sweatpants, a white loose v-neck was also pulled from my bags.

I had a strict nighttime routine, just because well, I'm Parvati.

I washed all the makeup off my face as I tried my best to block out their giggling and chuckles. I had to keep reminding myself that it was for the best that I wasn't there, I was a real downer at times.

I grabbed my toothbrush, squirting some toothpaste on it, I started aggressively brushing my teeth when I heard Justin's roar of a laugh.

I hate you. I hate him. I hate Ryan. I hate Chaz. Even though I shouldn't hate them because I knew Ryan and Chaz would welcome me with open arms, I knew I'd ruin the conversation by just merely sitting there.

I spit out the contents of the toothpaste and I thought about what I could do for the night, because obviously there was no room for me in their little gang.


I had brought several books, from good old Pride and Prejudice to The Last Song and Dear John, I was a sucker for Nicholas Sparks, he wowed me with his words. I hadn't noticed someone had entered the room until I saw somebody in the reflection of the mirror. 

Toothpaste drizzled from my mouth and the shyness took over my body, making it tense. I went to wipe my mouth when Justin practically grabbed my wrist and swung me to him.

“Here, let me help you..” he offered in a whisper while his hands gripped my waist in a pleasant way, his thumb wiping off the toothpaste from the corner of my mouth.

My head jerked down and I felt my face heat up, a huge blush circling my face.

“I.. yeah, I could have done that.” I choked out, looking down at the tiles of the floor.

“Why are you in here? Come out and hang with us,” he bargained with a sincere smile as if he wanted me to truly come.

“I'm fine. I was about to go to bed anyway.”

I managed to wiggle out of his grasp and I went back into the bedroom. The guys were in the living room still, probably seducing the girls as much as possible. I thought I was visiting to hangout with them, not them hangout with other girls. I grabbed The Last Song from the pile of books and sighed happily.

Justin followed me to my bed that was thankfully in another location than the guy's were, and he eyed the book in my hands.

“The Last Song?” He smiled cheerfully.

I nodded, a slight smile even lighting up my face as I trailed my fingers along the cover.

“The ending is sad..”

I looked up at him, furrowing my eyebrows until they raised in suspicion. 

“You haven't read the book..” I eyed him, slipping onto the bed while he leaned against the wall with amusement written all over him.

“Test me,” he challenged.

I looked down at the cover and then back up at him, beaming. I loved these games and for once in the entire day, he wasn't bugging me so I took this as a time to just enjoy it while it lasted. 

“Who broke the churches window?”

He chuckled, flailing his arms, “oh come on, Parvati, such an easy question!”

I liked the way he said my name, how he emphasized it, adding a certain twist and twang to it. 

“Then answer it.. Justin!” I emphasized his name, earning a half smile for my victory of being witty.

“Will did, next question,” he replied sharply, stepping a bit closer to me.

I was now in the criss cross apple sauce position, a smile peeking at my lips corners. No man I've ever known has ever read The Last Song, let alone look at the cover. 

“When did you read the book?” I asked confused.

He shrugged, stepping closer to me again so it would only take about two more steps before he reached me, “I'm on tour a lot, and I like to read, so..”

I gleamed in amazement, dropping onto the bed with a low sigh. 

“I guess you're alright, for now..” I warned.

“Oh, I know I'll piss you off somehow, Parvati Hope.”

I had to stifle my giggle and he walked out of the room faster and sneakier than he had came in before.

He has read The Last Song, practically guessed my whole personality in one sitting, and managed to wipe toothpaste off my face, but I knew deep inside that he was a pop star. He was collecting his jar of hearts across the globe, and I doubt he could date a girl for two days, not to mention thirty.

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