Chapter 10: Hiding Our Feelings

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Chapter 10: Hiding Our Feelings

Harry walked quietly to the drawing room at ten to 11 to wait for Ginny. He wanted to show her his secret study, he hadn't told anyone about it, even Ron or Remus. It was the one place he could get away to be by himself. Dobby had told him about it the day he arrived.

The door to the drawing room opened slowly and then shut. "Harry?" Ginny asked slowly taking off her invisibility cloak. She looked beautiful in her dressing gown. Harry couldn't believe he had never noticed in all the years he had known her how pretty she was.

"Over here," He whispered approaching the bookcase that the secret room was behind. "I want to show you something." He took her hand and whispered "Slytherin Sucks," to the bookshelf and it moved sideways, revealing a small but beautiful study. It was decorated in red and gold and looked a lot like the Gryffindor common room. Harry had had Winky redecorate; it was Slytherin colors when he found it. There was a very comfortable red sofa in the middle along with two armchairs with bookshelves on one wall, a large cherry wood desk on another and a small fireplace on the other wall.

"This is a great room." Ginny said as the bookshelf closed behind them.

"You don't have to whisper anymore, it's soundproof." Harry said hanging her cloak on the back of one of the chairs. "This is my private retreat, I haven't told anyone about it, except now for you." He said turning to look at her.

"Harry," Ginny started placing her hand against his face. He just smiled at her, and she became lost in the endless emerald pools of his eyes.

"Gin, you are the most amazing woman I've ever met," He said taking her in his arms and whispering in her ear again he said, "I'm falling in love with you."

Ginny was too shocked to speak, had the boy she'd been in love with since the moment she laid eyes on him, had he just told her that he was falling in love with her? She knew he felt something, why else would he have kissed her, but falling for her, it was more than she ever hoped for.

Harry leaned down and kissed her again. "I'm afraid Gin, for the first time I'm afraid of fighting Voldemort." He told her as they sat on the couch. "He tries to hurt everyone I care for; I couldn't stand it if he hurt you just to get to me." Ginny could see that Harry had tears in his eyes just thinking about her getting hurt.

"He already knows we are friends, I knew the risk when I became friends with you Harry, and yet I'm not afraid. I believe you are going to beat him; you are the strongest person I've ever met. I could tell it from the first moment I saw you, even before I knew who you were." She told him, leaning in to embrace him.

"If he knew what I would go through to save you though Gin," he said shaking his head, "You'd be in more danger than anyone else."

"What do you mean Harry?" She asked, "You'd risk your life to save any of us, he already knows that."

"He doesn't know that I'd willingly give my life up if it meant saving you," Harry whispered looking away, he was afraid he would scare her with how much he cared. Ginny forced him to look at her.

"I love you Harry, and that isn't going to stop just because Voldemort may be after me because of it." Ginny said, kissing him again. This time neither one pulled away for a long time.

"What about your family?" Harry asked when they finally broke apart, "Your mum's scarier than Voldemort sometimes." He said trying to lighten the mood.

Ginny realized Harry was right, her family would freak out that she and Harry were together, they still thought she was a little girl. Ron would be so mad at Harry for 'taking advantage' of his little sister. "Then we'll just have to keep our feelings a secret." Ginny said smiling at him. "As far as anyone else knows, we're just friends."

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