Chapter 9: OWLS

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Chapter 9: OWLS

As Harry and Ron entered the Kitchen they saw that Hermione looked like she was about to hyperventilate. Harry looked questioningly at Ginny who tried to suppress a giggle as she handed Ron and Harry each a letter. It was from Hogwarts, it must be their OWL results. Now Harry understood Hermione's panicky expression, she would be devastated if she didn't get the best grades. He sunk down into his seat fingering the thick parchment of the envelope before slowly tearing it open.

He took a deep breath and opened the results. His hand shook as he tried to focus on the paper:

Astronomy: A

Care of Magical Creatures: E

Charms: O

Defense Against the Dark Arts: O

Divination: P

Herbology: O

History of Magic: D

Potions: O

Transfiguration: O

Harry couldn't believe it, he had gotten 7 owls! He even got the O he needed in potions to become an Auror! He jumped out of his set and ran to Remus hugging him, "I did it. I can still be an Auror!" He showed Remus his grades. Remus smiled, Snape was going to be very upset that Harry had gotten an Outstanding.

"Great job son, I'm very proud of you." Remus told him, not realizing he had called Harry son until he noticed Mrs. Weasley start to cry and everyone else was staring at them. "What?" He asked everyone, looking at Molly Weasley.

"It's so sweet, you called him son. I'm so happy for you two," She told him. Harry just smiled, he had been surprised by the name, but he liked it a lot. He had never been called that before.

"How did you do Ron?" Ginny asked her brother, smiling at Harry who had obviously done well. Ron opened his letter; he knew Harry was smart, so he just hoped he had studied hard enough.

Astronomy: D

Care of Magical Creatures: E

Charms: E

Defense Against the Dark Arts: O

Divination: A

Herbology: A

History of Magic: D

Potions: A

Transfiguration: E

"I got 7 owls!" Ron said surprised. "I even passed Divination!" Ron said as he and Harry swapped results to look at each other. "Wow Harry, you got 4 Outstandings, that's great. You even got an O in potions."

"You got an O in Defense Against the Dark Arts, I bet old Umbridge is all pissed off that we did well." Harry laughed, "Looks like we both get out of History of Magic, it's a shame though, I enjoyed my sleeping time in there!"

"I'm so proud of both of you boys." Mrs. Weasley said hugging them both and kissing Ron. "I think you should open it now dear," she told Hermione who still looked pale.

"Yeah 'Mione, if I got 7 owls, you had to have done well. You are way smarter than Harry and me!" Ron said trying to reassure their friend.

She finally slowly opened her results. Her eyes got huge; she screamed and ran out of the room in hysterical tears. Ron ran after her, Harry looked to Ginny who picked up Hermione's results. "FRED, GEORGE!" Ginny screamed. Harry had never seen her look so angry, "GET IN HERE NOW!" Harry looked at Hermione's OWLs, they were straight Ds. He knew how important these exams were to Hermione, he also knew her greatest fear was to fail everything, he was going to kill Fred and George. The twins walked into the kitchen trying to look innocent, but everyone could tell they were guilty. "YOUâ I" Ginny couldn't even begin to say all the nasty things she wanted to.

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