Evaporated Into The Atmosphere

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I never liked the beach as much as I possibly could. Sure, I loved the soft feel of the sand between my toes, just like every plain old Jane. I would be fine with any activity but swimming, only because I can't exactly swim. I find myself paddling like a dog in need of help whenever I tried—so I gave up all together. 

I didn't normally give up on things, but as we neared the beach, I was not about to jump in doing my signature doggy paddling like a fool. 

Ryan and Chaz obeyed the first rule so far, they hadn't ditched me, yet. And Justin seemed to be in his own little world as we steered closer to the beach. 

I felt Justin's presence immediately when he moved closer into my side. I could feel his skin brush against me several times. 

“You're a very quiet, shy person, Parvati.” He noted to himself, like he was jotting down my every move in his head.

I kept my eyes focused in front of me while I answered.

“You don't know me,” I stated.

He laughed, “I bet I know you better than yourself.”

This interested me in the slightest, so I made eye contact, a sly smile appeared on his face when he noticed I fixed my attention on him. He couldn't possibly know much about me, I mean, we haven't talked except for the tiny meetings we had in the suite?

“Yeah?” I asked.

I turned my attention to Ryan and Chaz, who were off with some girls.

Good, they won't tease you about talking to Justin, I thought, being hopeful.

I turned my eyes back to his russet colored orbs. His smile had widened and it showed his perfect straight, white teeth.

“You're a quiet, shy girl who doesn't like the presence of men that you don't know. You are wearing clothes over top of your bathing suit simply because you're self conscious..”

I was about to interject when he raised his index finger, signaling me to not talk. My hands placed themselves on my hips while my face hardened.

“You're self conscious, but you should know that your body is quite beautiful, and way better than any of these stick figures out there.” He pointed to the beach where girls roamed around, all very tiny and slim.

I narrowed my eyes and shook my head.

“Or maybe I just wanted to wear clothes,” I spat at him angrily, my shyness evaporating into the atmosphere.

“Also, you wear your hair up because you don't think your hair is gorgeous enough to let down. Now, before you disagree, think about it.”

He was making me mad, furious, agitated! I thought for a few minutes before letting out a growl. I slammed my index into his chest in an angry motion.

“You do not know me. How would you feel if I stated things about you that were false judgments!”

He didn't answer, instead he rested his firm hand on my waist and grabbed the hair tie that held my bun up, letting my brown wavy, and still damp hair loose. If he were trying to calm me down, he wasn't doing a very good job at it.

“See, your hair is very cute, and it's the perfect length for guys, they like it long, do you know why?” He said, a flirtatious smile tugging on the corner of his lips.

I snatched the hair tie from his hand and smacked his arm from my waist. 

“Do I want to know?” I asked in a very harsh tone. This boymanthing knew how to push my buttons.

He slowly bent down, the warmth of his breath heating up my earlobe.

“Because we like something to grab onto,” he said in a low, thick voice before planting a kiss on my ear.

I watched his broad body walk away in Ryan and Chaz's direction, happiness exploding from his pores. I grabbed my ear, wiping off the kiss, or I hope, any excess spit that may have rested on it. I scrunched my face up in disgust as I replayed what just happened in my head.

I hate him.

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