District 8 Reaping

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District 8 Reaping

Jack Calico:


The names Jack, Jack Calico.

I am a janitor here in the cloth dying building.

Or I was before I woke up in the closet to your right, or left depending which side of the hall you're standing on.

The fact is, I'm in the closet.

So if you happen to be reading this; HELP ME!!!

I believe I'm suffocating and I'm going to die.

I don't want to die in a closet.


I looked over the note I had scribbled on a stray piece of cloth, with a broken pencil I had found in my pocket. It was hard to see in the small cramped closet, as the only light was coming from underneath the door, deciding it was ok, I gulped and I slid the note under the crack.

I sat back against the cold wall, wondering how it had come to this; me, alone locked in a closet with a limited air supply, my head throbbing, knowing every breath could be my last..... And gosh! I hadn't even done anything wrong this time!!!

Maybe karma was getting me back for putting a tack on my bosses seat?

I sigh clutching my head, remembering the night before the best I could.

My idiot boss had decided since the reaping was the next day that I would be cleaning the factory late that evening and had left me to my work. I had been really ticked, especially since my boss thought paying overtime was immoral. Really I should just quit one of these days, but I wasn't convinced I could get another job, especially since I wasn't good at much. In fact I generally caused mass destruction in my wake, cleaning was the one thing I was decent at.

But I'm getting sidetracked, I was working overtime, just minding my own business when I heard the clicks of someone high heels coming down the hall. I assumed it was my boss, since he was the only other person here.... But then  again, I had never seen my boss in high heels.... I shrugged and laughed loudly at the thought of the pudgy, gruff man in pink high heels.

I had looked down at my broom and dumped it aside, unwilling to miss the momentous occasion. The footsteps were farther away as I silently ran towards them.  

It only took me a few seconds to catch up with the high heel wearer, and a second more to realize that the wearer was, in fact, not my boss, but an incredibly hot girl.

I had stood there, utterly confused, what was a girl doing In the factory at this hour? The girl turned to face me with terrifying speed, "Uhhh the factory's closed...." I said "As beautiful as you are you need to leave."

She charged me, which was about the last thing I was expecting and promptly had hit me over the head with one of the shoes.

Now I was here.


I was absolutely positive I could feel the air running out! I was absolutely doomed!!!

I lay down on the cold floor in utter despair, waiting for the lights to dim and me to fade from this world. Gosh, my parents were going to kill me again for this, they were always warning me not to talk to strangers....

Suddenly I heard footsteps outside the door, I jumped at the door banging my fists and screaming for them to open the door.

The door swung open  and I fell onto the floor, gasping for breath, breathing in the cool air in gratefully.

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