2. Save It For The Morning After

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Alex's P.O.V

"Shit!" The word escaped my foul mouth, probably sounding more like a groan than anything else. The pounding inside my head was harder than even something Helders could produce and it's not a feeling I enjoyed.

I had my hammered face buried into the soft interior of the pillow and didn't intend on removing it incase the light left me with permanent brain damage. Ruffling my hair with both hands, I slowly turned my aching body onto one's side.

"What the fuck?!" I mouthed the words, taking care not to wake the person I found next to me, who seemed pretty much fast asleep still.

A million thoughts were rushing through my already frazzled mind, trying to retrace the steps I took last night. To be honest, they were probably less like steps and more clumsy trips, one after another.

"Boys...club...drink. . . girl?. . . Fag. . . GIRL!. . . FLO!" My thought process was always limited in the mornings, more so when hungover, however Flo was still a vivid memory from the events of last night that I was still piecing together. She was gorgeous. Light brown hair that fell perfectly around her sculptured face and continued down to the lower back. This was accompanied with green pearly eyes. An odd, yet delightful pair of features to be coupled together... Unique.

Although I remembered Flo, the terms I assume we discussed were not apparent to me. "One night stand, or, gave her my number?" It wouldn't come as a surprise if it had just been a one night stand, shameful to admit I am prone to this type of thing. However, something was telling me Flo was one to keep around.

My thoughts started to wonder so I decided to get up and shower, there I would decipher a plan to talk to Flo.


Flo's P.O.V

"Did I.. No.. I must have.. I-I shagged Alex Turner." The striking pain I felt through my head had been diminished by the memories I could recall of the last night.

I lay they for a moment whilst intriguing images of affairs with Alex replayed in my head, only to be ruined by the sudden realisation that Alex was in the shower and would be out in a matter of minutes. Fuck.

"Clothes.." I whispered, wide eyed and staring at the ceiling.

"Where are my- ow!" I wailed as I attempted to stand up, dizziness was somewhat overwhelming and I hung on by the rings around my eyes.

"Clothes" this was a mission now. Stood butt naked in Alex turners house, I needed to cover up..." Or did I!;) - no! Concentrate, Flo, you do need clothes"

Trying to forget the thumping of my head was in no means the easiest thing I've ever done, although it was certainly the most important as I began to pick up my clothes that had been thrown in all directions and landed in a dump on his cold wooden floor.

I was packing my bag when I heard the door push open. This was going to be awkward as hell, what if I was just a mistake? What if he didn't remember my name?

Nervously I turned around to face Alex. He emerged from the steam of the bathroom wearing nothing but a towel wrapped around his lower body. I watched intently as the drops of water slid off his body and I felt my jaw drop.

"Hello, sleepy" he smirked, his wet hair dripped down his face as if he was in some kind of commercial. For a second I didn't reply, words were foreign and I felt like a teenage fangirl again.

"Hey.. Alex" I grinned, unsure of how to respond as I don't think I've ever been in a situation like this. Alex though, I assumed was a professional, so I let him do the talking.

"You leaving?" He asked, looking in the direction of my bag he saw me packing a seconds ago.

"Yeah well I, you know I... Yeah"


"Oh.." He murmured "do I have your number?" he made the assumption that I wanted to see him again which was firstly; incredibly cocky, but secondly; shamefully true.

"Yeah, I um, I think so" I smiled anxiously, I think he felt my awkwardness and so he walked me to the door.

"Well, I'll give you a text or summat?" He queried. He gazed into my eyes and I was melting... Were we just leaving it like this?

"Yeah sure, definitely" I replied, slowly and clearly releasing my words this time. I couldn't help but stare into the the depths of his dark brown eyes.. He wasn't looking at me anymore though, no, his eyes were fixated on my lips.... "Or.." He whispered "you could stay a little longer?" He continued... Our faces were inches from each others, his gaze still on my lips which now were firmly clenched between my teeth. He gently kissed my neck, sending shots of adrenaline through me, and continued to places soft pecks upwards towards my jaw whilst I struggled to contain myself and reply with a hesitant "ok".

The soft pecks quickly turned into passionate kisses and before long I was pinned up against the wall, running my hands through his hair that was still wet. I felt his tongue enter my mouth and explored every inch of it. I responded similarly.

Things were getting heated and I could feel the warmth radiating between us. Where previously his hands were gently cupping my cheeks, they began to wonder down my body and under my clothes and it sent a rush of bewilderment and pure excitement through me.

I assume last night's ensemble was similar to this but being drunk doesn't give you the same effect.

I slowly ran my fingers along his already exposed body, my cold touch on his warm skin made him shiver and a moan escaped his lips as he thrusted his hips into mine in shock. Pulling me in closer, he grabbed around my waist and carried me back to his room...

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