Chapter Nineteen

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Barrington flinched as he watched Morgana fly into a rage. Tables turned and chairs flew around the room, all without her even touching them. She yelled once, the sound filled with anger and hatred. She was ashamed. She had magic equal to even Merlin's and yet, her magic had been shattered by a child. Her pride had taken a huge hit.

"Bring her mother to me," Morgana bit out, clutching the table, her honey-blonde hair hanging over her face like a veil. "I'll send her head to Sibyl. I'll make her regret making a fool out of me!"

Another chair flew across the room, hitting the wall loudly and splintering, wooden parts flying in different directions.

"If I may, m'lady," Barrington began hesitantly. "We managed to kill Eir, Arthur, Lancelot and Thom."

"So?" Morgana hissed, whirling around to face Barrington, green eyes burning.

"Did you not see how she reacted when Thom died? The pain on her face? We know that when Sibyl's mother went to that other land, Arthur sent one of his most trusted knights to protect her. We know that knight was Thom. She grew up with him and she thought of him as her father. He was killed right before her eyes."

"Is there any point in what you're about to say, Barrington?"

"My point is her mother is the only true leverage you have left. You saw how powerful her magic became when you killed Thom, can you imagine how powerful it would be if you killed her mother? We must be smart about this, your Majesty. I implore you to think this through. Without her mother, what other reason would Sibyl have for coming to you?"

Morgana made a sound of extreme annoyance. Barrington was right, as he always was. She knew it, too. The trap she'd set had been meant for Sibyl, but somehow others ended up falling in instead. There was a slight bit of triumph, though. She had managed to kill Arthur and two people Sibyl cared for. That would have to do... for now.

She knew that eventually, Sibyl would come for her, and when that time came, she'd need Sibyl's mother alive. She wanted to see the pain on the girl's face as she ripped her mother's heart from her chest, as she tore her mother's flesh from bone.

Sitting down, Morgana closed her eyes, calming down.

"You're right, Barrington. That woman is so much more useful to me alive."

☪ ☪ ☪ ☪ ☪ ☪ ☪ ☪

Eir grunted and struggled to maintain her grip on one of the protruding rocks and Thom's wrist at the same time.

She mentally cursed the situation. She was barely hanging on by the scraps of her teeth here. It would be a while before she could fly again, and Thom was unconscious, hanging on the threshold of life and death. Keeping him at that threshold was tiring her out even more. She also knew that this rock wouldn't hold them forever. Already, she could feel it crumbling at holding their weight.

At this rate, they would fall into that bottomless pit.

"Is anyone else there?" A familiar voice called out.

Eir's head whipped around, turning in the direction of the voice, but she was met with darkness. It was so dark in here, she could barely see her hand in front of her face.

Still, she called out, "Arthur? Is that you?"

There was a grunt and then he said, "Eir? You got thrown in, too?"

"Indeed," she answered sourly, wishing the men who had thrown her in had met her when her powers were at their fullest. "You have to climb to the top and drop down something. Thom is barely hanging on here. I'm keeping him at the Threshold, but at this rate, his soul will cross on to Valhalla and he will leave this world behind."

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