31 - The pool and James' boldness.

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It is a sunny Sunday with an amazingly clear blue sky and birds singing an invigorating melody. I and James are riding in his car towards the aquatic park he insisted on visiting before autumn starts extending his influence over nature and painting the sceneries in shades of brown, yellow and red.

All the way through the road, parking lot, dressing room and to the pool, James showed a radiant grin that I would love to wipe out of his enthusiastic face if I wasn't so absolutely restless. Yes, he was adamant about teaching me how to swim even though I can't even float!

He said I have to because everyone knows how to swim. That is a lie! A lot of people can't! I am sure! I asked! I called Aoi!

What convinced me was when he declared that he just wanted to spend some romantic time together with me in the pool while doing his usual dose of exercise in the club.

I fell like a duck. Because that is another lie, right? We wouldn't even notice when passing each other since we would be swimming like crazy while isolated in our own lines!

Sorry, I don't cope well with stress.

"Come on, Harry." James extends his hand from inside the pool trying to lure me to join him. His moderately tanned skin sparkling with crystal clear droplets and showing the well-formed muscles underneath; the white teeth reflecting the sunshine in between his lips; his green eyes shining as emeralds; his black curls like raven feathers; plus a pair of 'not the least sexy' swimming goggles around his neck. - I am in a strange mood today. - With a smile, he reassures me. "The water only reaches my waist. There is no risk."

When I give no sign of being convinced he insists. "Just sit on the edge and let the water touch your legs. Get used to it."

Reluctantly I crouch down, rest my hands in the coarse tiles of the margin, then pass my legs one at a time over the edge letting them sink in the translucent liquid. The sensation is not uncomfortably gelid as I expected but agreeably fresh and my feet seem to become lighter as if floating. Not 'as if', dumb, they are floating; it is called buoyancy.

Moving in that strange way people do inside water, making an effort against the resistance, James walks three steps closer until stopping right in front of my bent knees; his abs almost touch them.

"So?" He asks while smirking.

Stretching my legs across the provokingly short distance and accommodating them against his well-toned belly I shrug. "Hum, not so bad."

Gliding his fingertips along my calves he probes "Good, and how about coming inside?" By his seductive smile you could imagine that he was inviting me to some action in the bedroom but no, he wants to give me swimming lessons.

Oh, well, if it makes him happy who am I to resist?

Nodding I agree. "Fine."

Grinning even brighter, James extends his hands, holds my waist and gives it a light pull of encouragement.

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